Thursday, February 16, 2006

Weather or Not

What a frightening evening! I went to Granny's and brought her pizza. Didn't stay long at all and decided to go home because it was starting to storm. By the time I got to the square, it had flooded and water was trying to rise as high as the sidewalk. That was creepy. Then I couldn't see anything on Main St. except for car headlights. I ran off the road and hydroplaned a few times. Praying constantly and at the verge of fainting, I made my way home. Miraculously, the weather cleared a little. It was still raining and lightning, but not nearly as bad as when I left.

Brandy called me tonight. We were sort of in the process of making plans regarding the weekend, when my cell phone cut out. And still hasn't come back. Dad's phone works but for some reason mine still doesn't. Don't quite understand that. Oh well. Also, I got cheese grease from the pizza on my nice LEI jeans today. And I haven't felt well most of the day. And... I'm worn out from being so frazzled trying to drive home when I literally couldn't tell street from sidewalk from yard from house tonight.

I'm really glad I didn't go to the Sig Tau meeting.

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