Friday, December 28, 2007

What a Day!

Well, today has been pretty crazy. Mom complained about my messy room this morning. As if I couldn't take the hint, she then proceeded to ask me to please clean it (I get it, okay?). So I've been trying to clean. I forgot what a pain in the butt it is to clean out school folders. I've gone through two of them so far. Funny thing is, I have like five or six of them, but I only had four classes last semester... On another note, I received my syllabus for my mentoring class. I tried to print it out and, to my chagrin, learned that we are pretty much out of black ink in the printer. And Mom wants me to wait until she gets home before I change it because she also has some concern about the color cartridge.

I attempted to bake some cookie dough that was preparing to rot in the fridge, but I decided I'd just take care of it before it grew hair and teeth. The stuff tasted good, but the cookies spread out and the edges burned. As Dad so cleverly noted, I burned more calories trying to pry the cookies from the sheet (where's that crowbar when I need it?) than I could possibly consume eating them. He has a point.

I then managed to burn some flour tortillas that I was trying to fry so I could make chips.

Let's not forget the three-year-old veggie chicken and cheese sticks that I burned in the toaster oven. But they were burned before: freezer burned.

Why am I still cooking?

The flour tortilla pizza I made was, ironically enough, the tastiest dish I made all day.

But on a better note, I had a great Christmas. I got a lot of cool stuff, and I had fun. If anybody still reads this, let me know how your Christmas was.

And happy new year. I raise my burnt cookie as a toast to '08!