Friday, May 04, 2007

Three Months Late

Okay, if anyone wonders why I haven't posted since February, it is because I tried a few other times and it appeared that my blog was deleted. Today, for no apparent reason, I tried to log on and saw that my blog was here! So I decided to write a new post.

I am trying to do some shopping for Kris since he is graduating tomorrow. Of course I waited until the last minute, but I don't think he'll mind getting some graduation gifts after the fact.

Wow. Montel is on the TV right now. Something about junk food. How does that make me feel? I'm in college.

So I went to work today for a couple hours. I'm on break right now. I handed my last assignment in on Wednesday. Then on Tuesday I start my internship, so I'm way super busy right now. Add to that the fact that I'm going to try to sew this summer so I can make my own wedding dress and then take three more classes in the fall, three in the spring and write my thesis next summer, I have a very busy schedule between now and then.

I won't lie, I've been really depressed lately. This semester has been hell. I have taken three classes and was constantly reading something or working on a paper. i played a little bit of Playstation baseball and I got on to check my email and stuff like that, but I didn't have much time for trips or anything.

Heck, I still haven't seen Lisa's baby.

But I feel better now. I popped my neck, so it's not so sore anymore. And I'm going to get some of my writing books out. I may get a head start on some writing exercises. I guess I was able to watch a few episodes of "WKRP" and "One Day at a Time" but seriously, I've been swamped this semester.

I'm going to try for a second job along with doing the internship. It's going to be a full summer too, at least it looks that way. Peace out.