Thursday, September 07, 2006


Well apparently people don't think I update enough anymore. I swear. This is what I get for updating on a daily basis in the past. LOL. Oh well. I guess pretty much all I've been doing lately is going to school, doing homework/seeing Kris, cleaning my room, and playing the Sims. I really don't get online much these days, and that's why I haven't been updating.

I do not know much of anything about history, and not even about literary history. I guess Shorty is right--Dr. V. will teach me some stuff about it. I just hate it that I don't know jack about history.

In Dr. Markelis news, I am compiling a group of stories, events from my years at EIU, to make into an honors thesis in creative writing. Not bad, folks. I like that sort of thing. And also, I had been in a sort of writer's block/slump, but last week I began to come out of it. For some reason, none of us on the guest columnists list have heard anything from the DEN, so I guess we're not writing columns this semester? Who knows.

Amanda, as of right now, I think I will take the GRE with you. I also think I am just going to go to EIU. Of course tomorrow I could change my mind. Maybe after taking a little time off I'll be able to go to grad school without being terribly burnt out.

I just got off work. I need to be making some money. It's tough when you only make between $25 and $50 a week. And it's generally more on the $25 a week side...