Friday, June 30, 2006

Day #2 of Getting Up Early in the Summer

Okay, so today I once again was awakened at 6:00 to an annoying cell phone tune. But this time I didn't actually get up until around 7:00. I got around and took care of the birds, then decided to give my new column a whirl. I ended up getting a rough draft done this morning. I'm not too far off on my word count, and I think the column is kind of funny, so I might not have to change much stuff. But I usually give myself a day away from them before proofreading.

I worked 2 hours today. The funny thing is, I got paid to do a crap load of not much. I did order some copies of new sales cards, but that wasn't a whole lot of work. Then I took a break for lunch with Granny. Her lunch was very good, but I keep burping up the onions.

Looking over that last sentence, I see I truly have no shame.

Anyway, I went back to work (3 breath mints later) and did pretty much nothing again. I printed a few things offline for my boss and halfway organized some stuff that I wasn't sure what to do with. Then I had to wait for several minutes because in the meantime, my boss got tied up with a customer. While waiting on him, I decided to talk to the secretary, who is leaving tonight to go on vacation to Rachel's favorite state. I think her favorite anyway. South Carolina?

I got two hours and gas money for a trip to the courthouse out of the deal.

After work, I called Brandy, who I soon found out, was up at my guy's stomping grounds. She had to go with her grandpa to the VA hospital up at Danville. Not a lot of fun. But it sounds like he's doing okay, so that's a good thing. They got to see the junior college Kris went to and maybe his church--I can't remember for sure if his church is out that way or not. But both his parents and his sister work at the hospital too.

I came home and changed my clothes and went outside and can't say I've done anything productive since. I ended up reading a bunch of my book Standing in the Rainbow, which I hate to admit is about to make me emotional. What's happening to me? I guess I'm having an estrogen fit or something--I usually don't like chick-flicks or chick-lit. I wouldn't call most of Fannie's work chick-lit, but parts of this book are flirting with it.

Especially near the end of the book.

For some reason, it reminds me of the movie Blast from the Past if any of you have ever seen it. It is one of my dad's favorite movies. It's okay, but I've seen it too many times to be a fair judge of its quality.

I just can't get over that the actress who plays the mom on that movie (Sissy Spacek) is the same girl who 30 years ago played Carrie in the movie of the same name.

Ah, Carrie... Kris loaned it to me, in hopes that it would scare the crap out of me and I proved him wrong. I watched it around midnight and it never scared me at all. It made me sad, actually. And I'm proud to say that the movie scared him and he actually admits to that. And I'm not the hard-core horror movie nut that he is.

Speaking of 30-year-old scary movies, I rented The Omen earlier this week, and it actually did scare me in places. In fact, I was telling Brandy about it and I got a little freaked out just thinking about it. Totally not wanting to adopt kids ever now. And that's all I'll say about that.

Has anybody seen the new Omen movie? I would like to, but I imagine the only person who would see it with me is Kris, and he happens to be in England now. Actually, he might be in Spain. And he might misunderstand and think I said "Oman," which is a country he would very much like to visit.

"Well I never been to Spain
But I kinda like the music
They say the ladies are insane there
And they sure know how to use it
They don't abuse it
Never gonna lose it
I can't refuse it."

I like that song. I don't know if Kris decided to go to Spain or really where he was going to go for his independent travel thing. Well, I think I'm going to get going for now. I see that I have, once again, written a monstrously long post. I don't know how I can take up so much space and say so little.

But before I go, I just remembered that there is a lady at Rachel's church that needs a lot of prayer--she's very sick--so everybody that prays, please remember her. Anybody who doesn't pray, please at least think of her. Thanks.

Rach, I'm not sure on the movie tomorrow. It might be a little late by the time we get back from town. And I don't think I'd care for the movie Cars. However, I might be up for a different movie sometime when we both have time. And also, I seriously had a lot of fun walking the one time, so we should definitely do that again sometime. And Megan, if I ever see you with a goofy looking red cowboy hat over your head, I will know you are thinking Arby's and I might drop by your house ;)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Laundry Day

For starters, I gotta say, I usually don't understand what they mean, but Amanda comes up with some kick-butt titles for her posts.

That had nothing to do with anything, but I'm practicing the fine art of randomness.

Well, it is going on 1:00 right now. I got up at 6:00 to the sound of a very annoying cell phone alarm that I set for that very purpose. I proceeded to silently curse myself for using the most irritating alarm sound offered on my model.

I then did the usual morning things (take care of the birds, get dressed, eat, etc) and then went to work at 9:00. I manned the phones while (wait, is "manned the phones" politically correct? perhaps I personed the phones) anywho, while my boss and secretary were in a meeting. I also had to review some of my boss's work to check for typos and grammatical problems.

I got a bunch of phone calls that didn't matter. Somebody came in to make a payment and wouldn't you know, they paid in cash. So hopefully Harold gets it. After the meeting was over, I had to make changes on the stuff I looked over, and it screwed up. I don't feel like relating all the details, but you can all rest assured that it was dramatic. But on the bright side, it got me an extra 30 minutes for my paycheck.

Megan has brought it to my attention that I eat at Arby's a lot. This is another randomly generated comment. Arby's sounds so good right now. I'm pretty much starving.

Megs, do you know why Shawna hasn't updated since May 3rd?

Well since I have the afternoon off, I really should spend it cleaning up this dump. However, I don't much feel like it right now, so maybe later on this afternoon I can. Right now I just want to read my book and think about my new column.

It's about a compulsive shopper.

Brandy, I think you're gonna like it... I printed off the article and I'll scan over it and try to work on a rough draft since I need to go back to work tomorrow and Mom and I have plans for Saturday. Whew.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I don't even feel like proofreading this--feel free to leave obnoxious comments if I have made serious or even minor errors of any sort.

Hello all. I am just going to warn you right now, I am tired and have heartburn. Now that that is out of the way, I can tell you about my day. Well, I studied some more for the lovely GRE and took a practice math test. I only missed one and that was by a stupid mistake. Yesterday I took a practice vocab test and missed 4. There were 20 questions in each test.

Does anyone else think maybe I picked the wrong major?

No, trust me, Sunshine Jones does NOT do math. For some reason this math was very simple and those vocab words were very large. I plan on studying some more tonight. Anyway, I went to work from 1:00-3:45 and I am supposed to come in at 9:00 tomorrow morning and work a couple hours. Then I need to go to the courthouse Friday, have lunch with Grandma, and check back in at work in the afternoon. I'm not used to being this busy at work. Summer is totally spoiling me in that regard.

I have also been reading Fannie Flagg, mostly for entertainment purposes, but also because I want to start some of my own creative work again. I really haven't done any of that this summer because I have been getting my fill of writing between updating this beast and writing my dreadful columns (note to self: you have another column due this Sunday. Start planning the column now).

Yesterday was unproductive and wonderful. I just studied and read pretty much all day. I did manage to go to Charleston and pick up copies of the DEN and eat out at Arby's. I also ate out at Pizza Hut for supper :O. Rach, I am going to seriously need to start walking more, no joke. I keep eating out like this and by now I am so out of shape I can't walk fast at all. So seriously, if you want to make a habit of this walking in town once or twice a week thing, I think it would be a good idea, and a lot of fun (hint hint)

Speaking of Rach, she called me last night, but unfortunately, I couldn't talk because I was talking to her sis, Sarah at the time. By the time I got off the phone with Sarah, I thought it might be a little late to call Rach back because it was between 10 and 11. It seems like I usually don't get calls, but when I get them, they are all at the same time. So Rach, sorry I missed your call.

Well, I am very hungry, which is sort of a bad thing, considering my heartburn, but I suppose I should see about some supper. Say it five times fast. I dare you. Then of course studying and reading. And I need to wash up tonight so I can have extra time to sleep in before going to work in the morning. Muhahahaha. Amanda, I'll look at see what dates are available for GRE and let you know what days work for me and see if any work for you. Well, I think that's about it for right now. Peace out, my friends!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Well Rach, Whaddya Say Now--YEAH BUDDY!

Okay Rach, so you figured out how to add your picture to your profile before I did. I guess I'll have to give you that one--you are way better with computer stuff than I. But I figured mine out on my own too eventually ;)

Well world, here's what's been going on with me. I got a postcard from Kris on Friday and then on Saturday I got a package from him. The package had a card that said "I miss you" on it and a small teddy bear holding a frame. And he put a picture of himself in the frame. It was a very good picture too--not one of those crappy DEN headshots--LOL. I don't think they can put a flattering picture of you in the paper. I know I look totally burnt-out in mine.

Also, I've been working on the old GRE studying thing. Amanda, I read your update and I feel your pain. I'm glad you and I are planning to start grad school at the same time. Though we might be going to different schools, at least I'll know we're sort of in the same boat.

I need to check in with work, but I've been goofing off on the computer all morning. Actually, I still have to see if my picture even posted! LOL. Later guys~

Friday, June 23, 2006

A Few Pictures from the Trip

This first picture is the first building on campus--the Lyceum:

This next picture is Ventress Hall--home of the liberal arts department:

And finally, Rowan Oak--home of my favorite writer, William Faulkner:

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Pen, A Rose, and a Bottle of Jack...

Don't ask what the three have in common. I'll tell you. They were three things I saw on top of William Faulkner's grave at Oxford. We got back this evening. It was a blast. I took probably 250 pictures. I originally thought I took 150, but then when I looked at the pix on the computer, I saw that I have over 150 on one card! Plus I had other pix on my first card so... I took a bunch of pictures.

We ate at Lambert's in Sikeston, MO on Monday en route to I-55 South. It was all right. I didn't catch my roll though. I did buy a shirt. And I did finish my gigantic Coke. The drink that was so big it was supposed to make me feel guilty.

Our hotel was pretty nice. Although, I'm easily impressed. Breakfast at the hotel was wonderful--they had waffle batter in cups (those Southerners really like their waffles) and I made one each day. Plus I had a bagel and some yogurt and a little fruit. I had grits the first day, but I wasn't hungry enough for them this morning.

Tuesday, we visited the University of Mississipi campus (better known as Ole Miss). Campus was awesome. Our guide was really nice too. In fact, everybody was nice in Mississippi. Oxford was a very pleasant place all the way around. It was so awesome to see the old buildings, many were Civil War and pre-Civil War era. It was cool to see the campus Faulkner writes a little about in Absalom, Absalom! as well. It was really awesome to see Rowan Oak, Faulkner's home where he composed many of his stories. In his study, he had written plot ideas on his walls. That was kind of cool. Makes me feel better for writing on my walls. It's creativity, baby.

I officially want a house build just like Rowan Oak. The property was beautiful and the layout of the house was gorgeous. Faulkner's daughter, Jill, would not allow them to have a gift shop there at Rowan Oak, and this is probably a good thing, because if they did, then yours truly would have bought at least one of everything.

We also saw the church Faulkner attended and the cemetery where he was buried. It was strange standing on the grave of my favorite author. I guess I felt it was the closest I'd ever been to Faulkner--it was a really weird and totally cool experience that I just can't describe.

I forgot to mention I thoroughly enjoyed the Faulkner Room in the Ole Miss library archives. Unfortunately, they did not allow pictures :( I really wanted pix of some of the original documents and stuff. BTW, they had what appeared to be an original copy of the lyrics to the song "Ode to Billy Joe" ("Billy Joe McAllister jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge"). The Tallahatchie (sp?) runs through LaFayette County (Oxford is the county seat) and I got a pic of the Tallahatchie River and part of the bridge. FYI--I really dig that song too.

I finally ate at a Waffle House Tuesday. It was okay--not my favorite, but at least I can say I've eaten at one now. Other places we ate at include: Pizza Hut for supper Monday night, Subway for lunch Tuesday, and Arby's for lunch today.

I somehow, by the grace of God made it through Memphis, driving between 5:00 and 5:30 P.M. I really don't know what time it was. I probably couldn't have even told you my name at the time. That's all I want to say about that right now.

Vickie took the dump that ate Cleveland and managed to break the toilet in room A103 at Downtown Oxford Inn and Suites.

On a more serious note, I would really love to get into the University of Mississippi. I know the creative writing program is nigh on to impossible to get into, and I'm probably foolish, but I am going to try to apply anyway. Not tonight though, as I am far too tired. In fact, I'm really too tired to even update.

To Rach--I got your voicemail. I'll try to call you back later. I'm pretty tired tonight and plan on going to bed shortly. I read your blog--glad you posted pix--that's pretty cool.

To everyone, I will try to write more detailed stuff and include some pictures later. I'm extremely tired tonight (10 hours on the road in a van with 5 people and no air conditioner can wear you out to a surprising degree). I also plan on making a sort of scrapbook thing on the computer with pictures and writing about each thing. I may even get really ambitious and attempt to write poetry about some of the different places. Well, just thought I'd let you all know that we made it back and that I had a lot of fun. I need to get to bed now. I'll probably have to work tomorrow. And I need to see about picking up copies of the DEN from yesterday if they have any left at EIU. I really want copies of my column if I can get them.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

When I'm 64

Alright, so you all know I'm a fairly big Beatles fan, right? I totally forgot that today is Paul McCartney's 64th birthday! I didn't even think about it until I was at church and saw what the day was. Anybody ever heard the song "When I'm 64" from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band? It's only one of my favs.

Shorty-K supposedly went to the Beatles museum in Liverpool yesterday and if he didn't, I'm going to have to kick his little behind, because I just read that the museum had a festival to celebrate Paul's turning 64. I wish I'd gone on the trip now. Totally. I mean, Paul will only have one 64th birthday and it was TODAY. I could have gone to England and visited that museum this weekend. Gosh. I'm a little pissed at myself right now, but it's okay.

Yeah I went to church this morning and I'm still recovering from the headache. They had the music WAY TOO LOUD and I mean, I'm not old yet, but even I thought the music was too loud. I had to cover my ears for a while there and I still got a headache. The message was good though. I really like the guy that came to preach--he was an alcoholic and I think he may have been in a gang at some point. He's probably in his 60s now (maybe he's 64?) but anyway, he's really funny and down-to-earth, and if you ever start feeling like a terrible sinner, he's there to remind you that he's done worse, so you can't be that bad.

I really don't want to clean out my birds' cage. It's pretty gross. However, I feel I must take one for the team and clean it out before we leave so Dad doesn't have to. And also I'm a little afraid that he'd use soap to clean it out, and Debbie told me that is a no-no.

Speaking of Dad, today is father's day! Yet another thing I pretty much forgot about. I got my dad a small gift, but I think I'll put some cash in a card for him because I'm not sure what he would like that would actually be in my price range. I'm not sure if I'll update any more before the trip or not. I have quite a bit to do--including finishing packing--and as always, I'm still studying for the GRE. But if I don't see you all before, I'll just let you know I won't be updating for a while. Peace out!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Here's the New Haircut You've All Been Waiting to See

This is a picture of me with my new haircut. I have never had my hair this short before, and believe you me, it is refreshing! I still have the 12 inches of cut ponytailed hair in my car. I bet it will make some kid a nice wig. I feel good about donating my hair (although I guess I shouldn't feel good about it until I actually send the stuff off). I needed a "trim" anyway and I think I could get used to it being this length. I had some drama trying to post this picture last week, and I temporarily gave up, but I thought I'd try it again today. Hope you all like it!

Comma Sutra

This title is for Val, who thought she caught me in a grammatical error ;)

Yeah I'm pretty bad about saying inside jokes repeatedly. I often forget that not everybody is in on the joke. "Why didn't I not think of that?"

I am so tired this morning, guys. I only worked 3 hours yesterday, but that was enough. I think I made my boss mad because I didn't have enough $$$ to pick up all the copies he needed, but I didn't order the others. I just said I'd get them the next time. To make amends, I am going to try to run by the annex Monday morning en route to Granny's before leaving for the trip.

By the way, I hope I don't get in any sort of copyright dispute for "Comma Sutra," as it is the title of a grammar book I found at Barnes and Noble. I would have bought it, but I'm saving my $$$ for the trip. And since comma sounds like kama... people may have been confused if I told them what I just bought.

I made a large list of things to do yesterday and I actually accomplished most of them. Hopefully I can do more stuff today. This trip is sort of sneaking up on me and I realized that I have a bunch of crap to do before I leave on Monday.

I did finish a rough draft on my column last night. I'm not crazy about it, but oh well. Hopefully the DEN will like it. I need to cut around 7 words and proofread it and then just send it today. Well, I am done with breakfast, so I probably ought to start on the cleaning and the column stuff. I'll try to post pix of MS on here if I can when we get back. No promises, folks ;)

Friday, June 16, 2006

3 Days to MS

Well today has started out okay so far. I actually slept last night for a change. I went to Lisa's last night and had Arby's (Lisa, I didn't tell you I went to Arby's like an hour before I went to your house too, but it's just so darn good that I kinda wanted to go again!). Anyway, we also watched Along Came Polly which is the story of my life in many parts. It's uncanny.

Note to self: slow down on using the word, "uncanny." Your overuse of the word is, well, uncanny.

Speaking of vocab, I have been slacking on the GRE studying. But to make up for it, I made a list of 10 things to do before going to work, and I've done 5.5 of them. One of them was studying and I sort of studied, so I'm giving myself half credit on that one.

As usual, I'm dreading going to work, but I remember that I'm very poor and should be getting a credit card statement soon. That always boosts my work ethic. Also, I guess I'll need some money for Mississippi. We're leaving on Monday. Kris is supposed to be going to a Beatles museum this weekend. I sort of wish I could go to it, but that's okay. Well, I guess I'm not doing too bad on my list of things to do. I made another list of things to do after work. And before you guys go and call me a slacker again, I did a couple things that weren't on my list this morning too. So there. I actually do chores around the house, contrary to popular belief

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I-74 East or I-74 West... That is the Question

And the answer is, boys and girls... I-74 WEST. So what do I do? I head east towards Danville. And there was road construction that way too. As far as I know, there was no construction heading west. I guess I really do like a challenge. Then I ended up going home via Rt 130 through Charleston. I told you I'd never driven to Champaign on my own before--pretty sad, eh? Good news is, I didn't have a problem driving up there, I just got a little mixed up on my directions going home. No biggie though--we got home okay. It was pretty dramatic somewhere around Montrose though. I forgot to mention that Brandy was with me and I needed to get her home so she could go to church. Well, around Montrose, I almost hit a lady on a 4-wheeler who thought it would be a good idea to think about turning right in front of me. I don't know if she was really going to turn or not, but she still had her arm out to signal and I was afraid I'd break her arm or something, so I swerved to the right and about hit the mailbox. Then I swerved back to the left and lost control temporarily. There was nobody coming and nothing to hit, and everybody (including my car) is okay. Nothing short of a miracle if you ask me.

I heard from Kris again today. He's having a pretty good time in England. I was glad to hear that. Amanda, I don't know if you know Derek Campbell or not, but Kris told me that Derek got his girlfriend an engagement ring in England. I thought that was pretty cool.

Well, I better get off here for now. I haven't been studying as hard as I should be for the GRE, so I should probably do that. I also bought two Fannie Flagg books at Borders--that was pretty cool. And I got a map of Champaign and a book on writing at Barnes and Noble. Why didn't I not think to look at the Champaign map before I got to Rt 130?

Miniature Road Trip... enough to scare Sunshine Jones :)

I think I'm going to attempt to drive to Champaign today. My first time at driving myself to Champaign and sadly to say, I'm using MapQuest to find my way around. It was good to hear from Amanda too--anybody who actually uses my links should check out her pix and the update. Gotta get ready for the Champaign ordeal now. Later!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Apparently I Am Slacking?

Okay, so I don't update in a couple days and I'm slacking. Whatever. Anyway, yesterday I went to Brandy's and we went on a cemetery safari with Toby and Eliza. It was okay. I heard from Kris yesterday--he went to London over the weekend with Derek (the stuffed animal guy). I slept from 5-7 this morning and though I'm sort of tired, I'm also kind of wired (practicing my rap skillz). I'm loving my haircut. I tried to post a pic but the thing took forever to load and then never did post. I'll try again later. I have been too busy to mess with it too much lately. I have been studying for the GRE and doing housework. I also am supposed to work this afternoon (hopefully not too long) because although I sort of need the $$$, I also need the time to get stuff done. Sunshine (my female parakeet) bit me this morning. Luckily I had a glove on, because she held on pretty tight. My new column is in the DEN today--pretty excited about that. Mom and I are supposed to run up to Charleston tonight and go to Wal-Mart and pick up some copies of the paper, so Rach, I'm not sure yet if I'll be able to walk w/you or not. However, if not tonight, then probably Thursday would work. Mom suggested that we could walk in town somewhere too though. Well, I need to go because Mom is here for lunch and I haven't done very many things on my chore list yet--yikes!

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Well, Granny and I successfully untangled the I-don't-know-how-many-feet-of-yarn mess that she had impeding her afghan project. One thing I learned from my man is perseverence. I used to give up way too easily, but Jones is right, if you work at it long enough, you can usually get or accomplish what you want. I just got home and after a much-needed pee, revised and emailed my column to Nora. It feels very good to have all that done. Now I need to vacuum the house, make a list of stuff for the trip, schedule a campus visit there and MAYBE study a little for the GRE tonight. Well, I just wanted to let ya'll know where I was on said projects. Peace out dudes and ladies!

Oxford, BABY!

Yeah, Mom reserved the rooms for the Oxford trip this morning. Pretty exciting, folks. In response to the questions about the late great Zuzu, she was probably 8 years old or so, but she didn't grow right as a kitten, so she was very small. She was anemic and we actually were going to take her to U of I for a blood transfusion (I know it sounds silly, but we really try to take care of our animals), but the kitty died at the vet before we had the chance to take her. It was pretty sad. I loved that cat.

I started my column this morning. I have a rough draft finished and I need to proofread, check over the sentences, and cut 3 words. Then I can email it to Nora. By the way, I finally was able to send Kris a picture of me with my hair. I haven't studied for the GRE in a while. After lunch I'm going to finally get around to taking a shower and wash my hair and then head to Granny's to help her untangle some yarn. What a great way to spend a Saturday.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Lake Ponchartrain, part 2

Sorry about needing to leave earlier. I had to make an emergency trip to the IGA with Dad to get cornflakes.


Anyway, our sweetest cat, Zuzu, died this afternoon. It was pretty sad.

I have been trying to email Kris a picture of me with my haircut and it will not go through for some reason. Oh well. I'm really tired and annoyed, and I need to study for the GRE. That's really about all I have for right now. I'm in the depressive part of my bipolar disorder right now, I guess.

I'd Swim the Ponchartrain

I've been thinking a lot about the South lately. I'm looking forward to the trip, definitely. And I keep singing that George Strait song "Adalide" or whatever it's called. Anyway, so here's what's been up lately:

Got my hair cut yesterday at Wal-Mart. It feels much better now. I saved my cut hair and plan to mail it to Locks of Love soon. After that, I rode 4-wheelers with Brandy and Eliza. I forgot to mention we had Little Caesar's for lunch. Then we went to Lisa's after that and went back to Wal-Mart so she could shop for Camp New Hope stuff. Then we helped her with it. Well, I didn't do much. I spent most of my time chillin' on the couch listening to Sirius music channels and drinking Derk's Mountain Dew.

I drove home on I-70 and I'm not sure how I got home. I was really tired the entire time and was afraid I'd fall asleep. I got home around midnight. I don't know why I was so tired.

This morning, I goofed off a lot and eventually got ready for work. I had lunch at Grandma's. It was fun. Well, I need to get going for now. More later... hopefully.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Terre Haute

Today was a lot of fun. I went to Terre Haute with B, R, and S. R got me 3 Xbox games, because they were used and very cheap, but that's pretty awesome. Anyway, I got a road trip book at Walden's (I told Mom it was either that or the Kama Sutra) although I must admit, they were both pretty tempting. I think B was pretty pissed at me for being so lascivious all the time.

Sorry B.

I also got some hair clips at Claire's. I was pretty happy about that. I bought a $4+ tax coffee at this place called Books-a-Million. It was really good, but I didn't have the means to pay for it, I'm afraid. Now that I think of it, I bet I looked quite the douche looking at the Kama Sutra while wearing a Scooby Doo shirt. I'll blame it on my bipolar disorder. I have been quite manic all day...

On a side note, I heard from Kris yesterday! I was glad of that. He saw Rod Stewart in person at the airport. That was pretty cool. He seems to really love Harlaxton and he plans on visiting Turkey for his independent travel. I am really starting to wish I'd gone on the trip with him. Oh well. I guess I need to be staying around here working so I can save money to start going on MY big trips (like all those road trips in my book, plus Europe, plus Northern Africa--Egypt to be more exact--plus Australia). Harlaxton Manor sounds like the game Clue--for some reason that kind of cracked me up.

Anyway, back to today.

I went to C-town for the sole purpose of picking up copies of the DEN, because I'm in it today. I also tried to get an entertainment system for our living room, but Mom wanted me to wait so she could measure an area and figure out how to rearrange the furniture.

I forgot to mention that while at the mall, R and I decided to do this thing where you watch a movie and the seat moves around so you feel like you are there. It was so much fun like you wouldn't believe. We were laughing our heads off pretty much the entire time. I bet we annoyed the crap out of most of the people in the food court.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

One Year Ago Today...

We were standing in the white sand of Inlet Beach, Florida as Lisa and Derrick tied the knot. Well, actually by this time, we were probably at Pineapple Willy's celebrating. What a great time. Happy 1st year anniversary Derrick and Lisa!!!

Well, yesterday I got to hang out with Kris the last time before his trip. We had a ball... well, for the most part. His day didn't start out the greatest because he got a seatbelt ticket just outside of Buzzard Hall. But after that we had a good time.

We went to Champaign to a coin shop, a record store, 4 bookstores, the mall, Best Buy, an ethnic foods store, and an Italian restaurant on the U of I campus. At Borders, we entertained ourselves by insulting each other in foreign languages (French and German, to be exact) and by saying mildly dirty words out loud in those languages and laughing loudly.

It's great to act one's age, isn't it?

Some guy did ONE of my nails at the mall. I was very angry at Kris for stopping to talk to the guy, because I had no escape. However, I decided to make the best of the situation, and as the man was doing my middle finger nail, I decided to flip him off.

It probably would have been funnier if the guy hadn't realized I was flipping him off.

At the ethnic foods store, Kris thought it would be a good idea to get 4 patties of falafel. Great. Neither of us had ever tried the stuff, so it was more than a little nerve-wrecking trying it.

It was okay.

We had to stop at Cracker Barrel to use the bathroom on the way back, and ended up sitting outside playing 3 games of checkers. I only won one. But I let him have that last one because I was getting tired of playing. Kris felt bad for loitering, so he went inside and bought a book of Mad Libs for almost $5. So we then spent altogether too much time sitting in his car (still parked in the Cracker Barrel parking lot) doing XXX Mad Libs. A good time was had by all. Some of the highlights of said Mad Lib experience are as follows:

"(Carissa's) surly stories made us all ejaculate out loud" (Kris's Mad Lib)
"You promised us free all-night screwing in your garage... but that wasn't the case" (Carissa's Mad Lib)

And of course, there was the occasional penis, condom, bra, breast, pussy, rod, stick, and masturbate references thrown into the Mad Lib mix to liven up the night. They made for some interesting stories, no doubt about it.

I forgot to mention that we both picked up copies of the Kama Sutra at Barnes and Noble and said loudly, "I don't think this is humanly possible!"


I didn't get home until 1:35 and I was pretty wired, and also had a sinus thing going on, so I had to take a Benadryl and watch Indiana Jones to get to sleep.

I'm not addicted.

My apologies to Brandy, who most definitely does not want to hear anything about Kris ever. But I did spend 14 hours with him yesterday, and had a really good time, and felt the need to talk about it.

Now on to today.

Today was not nearly as eventful as yesterday. But it was fun nonetheless. We went to Terre Haute to eat at the Golden Corral. It was okay. I made a big salad with not very much lettuce (just the way I like it) and had some fruit and just a little starchy food. No dessert today, folks.

Then we went to Hobby Lobby and I saw a lot of really cool home decor, which made me want my own house.

And Mom had to go to (was it Sam's or Sarah's?) some hair place... oh wait... SALLY's to get a curly hairpiece thingy. I wish her and her hairpiece much happiness together.

Then we went to the Christian bookstore and I thought about getting a book, but decided not to. My grandma caught me looking at Every Young Woman's Battle, but luckily I don't think she knew what it was about, and for that matter, I don't think she was paying attention to what I was looking at.

Usually a good thing.

Well, I did a rough draft of my column, set to hit papers sometime within the next 10 years. Hopefully. My most recent column never did get printed, so I don't know what the deal is. Well, I better get going for now. I still need to revise that new column.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Welcome to the World, Baby Girl!

I finally finished the book of the same name today. And then I got the brilliant idea to start my other Fannie Flagg book, Standing in the Rainbow. However, I liked the structure of WTTWBG far better than that of SITR. WTTWBG was comprised of a whole heck of a lot of tiny chapters that at first appear to have nothing to do with one another but by the end of the book it all comes together. I like that style. In fact, if I ever get the chance to write a book and DON'T give up on it after about 10 pages (as has been the case with my other numerous book attempts) I think I will write in that sort of style. It is easy to read and easy to write. You can write it however you want and then organize the chapters later. It's a very clever idea and the anticipation factor keeps the readers from putting the book down. Well... unless the reader is me, I guess. I mean, I stopped reading that book for probably two or three weeks once. But it wasn't that it was boring, it's just that I have to be in the mood to read, or else it just doesn't jive.

Totall off topic--my birds seem to be having a better day. Probably one of the best since they came here. Not a lot of fighting going on. In fact, they even started looking at themselves in their mirror.

I worked almost 4 hours today and got two trips to Toledo in. I feel wealthy. But then I remember the check I got in the mail today for less than $40. Remembering that I still owe my father $40 and my mother $2, I don't feel quite so rich after all.

So never mind about that.

Kris is leaving for England this Sunday. I'm kind of worried about his trip, what with the long flight over lots and lots of water, and the fact that last year's EIU Harlaxton trip came altogether too close to a terrorist attack in London. We're talking blocks from the hotel and a bus that some of them were going to take. I'm trying not to be overly concerned, but it is still a worry.

Anyway, tomorrow, he and I are supposed to get together in Charleston to do something (still not sure what yet) before he leaves. I have a couple small gifts to give him also. I'm looking forward to it.

Rach, I don't think I'm going to be able to go with you to the petting zoo deal this weekend after all. I forgot that Mom is supposed to take me and my grandma out to dinner on Saturday. Remember me while you're riding on the elephant though :)

I'm looking for something to write my new column on. Sorry about the improper usage of prepositions, but by this point, who really gives a spit, eh?

My column still hasn't been printed yet. I'm beginning to get concerned. However, Maurice's is in. I was wondering if he was ever going to write one this summer. I can't fathom why Kris doesn't try to write a few this summer. He said Nora told him he could. I guess he's too obsessed with Jane Austen--lol. Yeah right.

I wish I could write a book with three characters named "Charles" in it. Seriously, Jane, couldn't you have thought up a couple other names?

Well, that's about all I have for today, folks. Hopefully with a little luck I can start in on next week's column tonight. Later dudes...