Thursday, June 29, 2006

Laundry Day

For starters, I gotta say, I usually don't understand what they mean, but Amanda comes up with some kick-butt titles for her posts.

That had nothing to do with anything, but I'm practicing the fine art of randomness.

Well, it is going on 1:00 right now. I got up at 6:00 to the sound of a very annoying cell phone alarm that I set for that very purpose. I proceeded to silently curse myself for using the most irritating alarm sound offered on my model.

I then did the usual morning things (take care of the birds, get dressed, eat, etc) and then went to work at 9:00. I manned the phones while (wait, is "manned the phones" politically correct? perhaps I personed the phones) anywho, while my boss and secretary were in a meeting. I also had to review some of my boss's work to check for typos and grammatical problems.

I got a bunch of phone calls that didn't matter. Somebody came in to make a payment and wouldn't you know, they paid in cash. So hopefully Harold gets it. After the meeting was over, I had to make changes on the stuff I looked over, and it screwed up. I don't feel like relating all the details, but you can all rest assured that it was dramatic. But on the bright side, it got me an extra 30 minutes for my paycheck.

Megan has brought it to my attention that I eat at Arby's a lot. This is another randomly generated comment. Arby's sounds so good right now. I'm pretty much starving.

Megs, do you know why Shawna hasn't updated since May 3rd?

Well since I have the afternoon off, I really should spend it cleaning up this dump. However, I don't much feel like it right now, so maybe later on this afternoon I can. Right now I just want to read my book and think about my new column.

It's about a compulsive shopper.

Brandy, I think you're gonna like it... I printed off the article and I'll scan over it and try to work on a rough draft since I need to go back to work tomorrow and Mom and I have plans for Saturday. Whew.


agitswhoiam said...

Alright, the confession must come out...the cool titles are really nothing more than song lyrics..shame, shame. It's weird though, that's how my brain works...when I sit down to write a post the first thing that pops into my head is a song that relates to what I'm feeling at the moment. It is kind of cool. So really, I guess my life is just like one big soundtrack. Deep...and probably too much information. But there you have it, I'm not original. I just rip stuff off from other people. Some day I might get in trouble...some day.

Anonymous said...

I dunno why she hasn't updated. I haven't talked to her since maybe February. I miss my girlie. :( I quite updating my xanga b/c she never did and just posted a link to my livejournal instead since I had it first and like it better anyway...

And you're right, Arby's does sound good right know where I live...lets go! :P