Saturday, June 17, 2006

Comma Sutra

This title is for Val, who thought she caught me in a grammatical error ;)

Yeah I'm pretty bad about saying inside jokes repeatedly. I often forget that not everybody is in on the joke. "Why didn't I not think of that?"

I am so tired this morning, guys. I only worked 3 hours yesterday, but that was enough. I think I made my boss mad because I didn't have enough $$$ to pick up all the copies he needed, but I didn't order the others. I just said I'd get them the next time. To make amends, I am going to try to run by the annex Monday morning en route to Granny's before leaving for the trip.

By the way, I hope I don't get in any sort of copyright dispute for "Comma Sutra," as it is the title of a grammar book I found at Barnes and Noble. I would have bought it, but I'm saving my $$$ for the trip. And since comma sounds like kama... people may have been confused if I told them what I just bought.

I made a large list of things to do yesterday and I actually accomplished most of them. Hopefully I can do more stuff today. This trip is sort of sneaking up on me and I realized that I have a bunch of crap to do before I leave on Monday.

I did finish a rough draft on my column last night. I'm not crazy about it, but oh well. Hopefully the DEN will like it. I need to cut around 7 words and proofread it and then just send it today. Well, I am done with breakfast, so I probably ought to start on the cleaning and the column stuff. I'll try to post pix of MS on here if I can when we get back. No promises, folks ;)

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