Friday, June 16, 2006

3 Days to MS

Well today has started out okay so far. I actually slept last night for a change. I went to Lisa's last night and had Arby's (Lisa, I didn't tell you I went to Arby's like an hour before I went to your house too, but it's just so darn good that I kinda wanted to go again!). Anyway, we also watched Along Came Polly which is the story of my life in many parts. It's uncanny.

Note to self: slow down on using the word, "uncanny." Your overuse of the word is, well, uncanny.

Speaking of vocab, I have been slacking on the GRE studying. But to make up for it, I made a list of 10 things to do before going to work, and I've done 5.5 of them. One of them was studying and I sort of studied, so I'm giving myself half credit on that one.

As usual, I'm dreading going to work, but I remember that I'm very poor and should be getting a credit card statement soon. That always boosts my work ethic. Also, I guess I'll need some money for Mississippi. We're leaving on Monday. Kris is supposed to be going to a Beatles museum this weekend. I sort of wish I could go to it, but that's okay. Well, I guess I'm not doing too bad on my list of things to do. I made another list of things to do after work. And before you guys go and call me a slacker again, I did a couple things that weren't on my list this morning too. So there. I actually do chores around the house, contrary to popular belief

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Illini Fan said...

Hey Carissa,
I didn't know that you were going to go down to Mississippi this early really to tell you the truth. I mean I knew that you were going to go down there sometime, but just not that early. I hope that you all have fun. Make sure to take some pics for me. Have a good day today too. Take care and talk to you later. From, Rach