Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Apparently I Am Slacking?

Okay, so I don't update in a couple days and I'm slacking. Whatever. Anyway, yesterday I went to Brandy's and we went on a cemetery safari with Toby and Eliza. It was okay. I heard from Kris yesterday--he went to London over the weekend with Derek (the stuffed animal guy). I slept from 5-7 this morning and though I'm sort of tired, I'm also kind of wired (practicing my rap skillz). I'm loving my haircut. I tried to post a pic but the thing took forever to load and then never did post. I'll try again later. I have been too busy to mess with it too much lately. I have been studying for the GRE and doing housework. I also am supposed to work this afternoon (hopefully not too long) because although I sort of need the $$$, I also need the time to get stuff done. Sunshine (my female parakeet) bit me this morning. Luckily I had a glove on, because she held on pretty tight. My new column is in the DEN today--pretty excited about that. Mom and I are supposed to run up to Charleston tonight and go to Wal-Mart and pick up some copies of the paper, so Rach, I'm not sure yet if I'll be able to walk w/you or not. However, if not tonight, then probably Thursday would work. Mom suggested that we could walk in town somewhere too though. Well, I need to go because Mom is here for lunch and I haven't done very many things on my chore list yet--yikes!


agitswhoiam said...

Hey, when are you taking the GRE? And are you starting grad. school in the spring? Oh, and I hope you get that pic up, I would love to see the know hair! Hope things are going great, talk to you later!!

agitswhoiam said...

new hair I meant...sheesh..we haven't been on summer break that long have we?

Sunshine_Jones said...

Hey Ag--
Good to hear from you! I just checked your blog yesterday and didn't realize you guys had moved. Hope everything is going well your way! Ahh, the GRE. I'm taking it whenever I can get around to it, basically. I'm trying to study it in the 4 week plan (which is def taking me at least 5 weeks) and I plan to start grad school fall 2007. I needed some time off :P And yeah, we've been on break long enough for me to let the know/new thing slide :) I do stuff like that all the time too. Later~