Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Miniature Road Trip... enough to scare Sunshine Jones :)

I think I'm going to attempt to drive to Champaign today. My first time at driving myself to Champaign and sadly to say, I'm using MapQuest to find my way around. It was good to hear from Amanda too--anybody who actually uses my links should check out her pix and the update. Gotta get ready for the Champaign ordeal now. Later!


Anonymous said...

This should be interesting and fun.

agitswhoiam said...

Good luck on the trip, I'm sure it'll be a blast (I wanted to put a comma-splice in there, just to go along with the theme of my last comment). I read your article in the DEN too..muy interesante!!

Sunshine_Jones said...

Gracias about the column! By the way, I probably wouldn't have even noticed that comma splice, to tell you the truth :). I'm going to update on the Champaign drama, b/c it is too much to put on a comment :)