Friday, December 28, 2007

What a Day!

Well, today has been pretty crazy. Mom complained about my messy room this morning. As if I couldn't take the hint, she then proceeded to ask me to please clean it (I get it, okay?). So I've been trying to clean. I forgot what a pain in the butt it is to clean out school folders. I've gone through two of them so far. Funny thing is, I have like five or six of them, but I only had four classes last semester... On another note, I received my syllabus for my mentoring class. I tried to print it out and, to my chagrin, learned that we are pretty much out of black ink in the printer. And Mom wants me to wait until she gets home before I change it because she also has some concern about the color cartridge.

I attempted to bake some cookie dough that was preparing to rot in the fridge, but I decided I'd just take care of it before it grew hair and teeth. The stuff tasted good, but the cookies spread out and the edges burned. As Dad so cleverly noted, I burned more calories trying to pry the cookies from the sheet (where's that crowbar when I need it?) than I could possibly consume eating them. He has a point.

I then managed to burn some flour tortillas that I was trying to fry so I could make chips.

Let's not forget the three-year-old veggie chicken and cheese sticks that I burned in the toaster oven. But they were burned before: freezer burned.

Why am I still cooking?

The flour tortilla pizza I made was, ironically enough, the tastiest dish I made all day.

But on a better note, I had a great Christmas. I got a lot of cool stuff, and I had fun. If anybody still reads this, let me know how your Christmas was.

And happy new year. I raise my burnt cookie as a toast to '08!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I feel like crap today.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

And Now It's August...

Well here I am. I was going to get so much done today... and I wound up playing Luxor on the computer. Grr. Why do I do this? I have been very busy making Christmas gifts for people and doing wedding planning. In fact, I've started on my dress. I am baking a loaf of bread also. I didn't have to work today, so I'll probably spend much of the day doing my craft projects and working on my dress. Did I mention that I am making my own wedding dress with the help of my mom and grandma?

Kris and I have begun registering for bridal showers and the wedding itself. We even looked at some wedding bands. It has been a very busy summer. I just turned in the last of my assignments for my internship yesterday. Then school will start again in less than 3 weeks.

Well, I finally lost my Luxor game, so I guess I can get back to more productive things now. Kris went to the dentist yesterday, Mom went this morning, and my cat Mary is coming home from the vet today. The poor kitty got one of her eyes removed because basically, it had too much pressure and it popped. I'll be excited to see her when she comes home in a few minutes.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

July Update Already?!

Seems like it was just the other day that I wrote my June update and already I see it is time for a July update. I finished my paper for the internship yesterday and emailed it to my professor. I finished my last in-office day for the internship of Tuesday. I'm still finishing some at-home work for it. Then I have a couple more assignments to finish. Luckily, I have begun both of these assignments.

So I started some sourdough starter a week or two back. When I thought it was finally time to make the bread, it disappointed me. I have put many of my craft projects on hold. Kris and I have been trying to make some wedding plans. We have to squeeze planning time in between his job searching and my schoolwork.

We watched Patti the other day. What a deal. She got 35 books on presidents from the library. Oops! Didn't realize I'd have to watch her like a hawk at the library!

Currently I am updating the website for the Parks and Rec Dept, but this computer is being very slow. I'm about done baking bread for a while. I think I need a break from bread to try cakes. Or perhaps cookies. In fact, I may just bake up some cookie dough that's in the fridge. Mom and I are trying to do a better job of being organized. That includes not leaving stuff in the fridge for ages upon ages.

I had Indian food last night. It was a microwavable dinner I got from an ethnic food store. It tasted like chili.

I am looking forward to writing my thesis. I haven't done much creative writing to speak of since I did the honors thesis last fall. I'm itching to do some creative writing again. I hope I haven't lost my touch.

Some guy is painting natural scenes on Create right now. The Garden Home was just on. I'm not much into a gardening mood right now. I'd rather see a cooking show (probably because I'm hungry).

I just never was that much into painting.

Somehow I think I can make that Indian chili stuff with a few kidney beans and some curry powder. Something about it made me feel good. My mood was better today than it has been in a while and I even woke up in a good mood.

Kris and I are going to try to start exercising more. I think exercise will be good for my mood as well. Mom told me that sports and exercise are stress relievers and plus they are good for health and help you sleep.

Well I see that Martha's Sewing Room is now on Create. That'll do. I need to start sewing too so I can make my wedding gown. I'm a little nervous about making my own gown... BUT! It will not only save $$$, but I can also make it the way I want it and it will make a cool memory.

Well, I probably better get back to work. I've been working in between sentences, but I really need to finish up this data entry so I can concentrate on the rest of my assignments and finish up this class. Ciao!

Friday, June 22, 2007

June Update

If I still have any readers out there, I am posting my June update now. Yesterday I made pretzels and baked this funky cheddar/spice bread stuff. It was okay. I made Persian bread earlier this week as well. I have been working on a rug and a crocheted afghan. The afghan is a continuation of a project I started a year or two ago.

I went to work for a little bit today. I am starting to get in the creative mode (hence the update) and want to start writing again. I got so burnt out on reading and writing both last semester that I feared I might never write again.

I was sorry to hear about Thomas Yocum. He was killed in an automobile accident last weekend. Please say a prayer for his family.

I guess this is sort of a downer post. Usually I have something funny to say, but today I seem to have a headache that won't go away and I'm really tired. Plus I have 3 hours of work left on my at-home internship work, so I guess I should just get started on that. Or cleaning my room. My mom has really been getting after me about keeping it clean.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Three Months Late

Okay, if anyone wonders why I haven't posted since February, it is because I tried a few other times and it appeared that my blog was deleted. Today, for no apparent reason, I tried to log on and saw that my blog was here! So I decided to write a new post.

I am trying to do some shopping for Kris since he is graduating tomorrow. Of course I waited until the last minute, but I don't think he'll mind getting some graduation gifts after the fact.

Wow. Montel is on the TV right now. Something about junk food. How does that make me feel? I'm in college.

So I went to work today for a couple hours. I'm on break right now. I handed my last assignment in on Wednesday. Then on Tuesday I start my internship, so I'm way super busy right now. Add to that the fact that I'm going to try to sew this summer so I can make my own wedding dress and then take three more classes in the fall, three in the spring and write my thesis next summer, I have a very busy schedule between now and then.

I won't lie, I've been really depressed lately. This semester has been hell. I have taken three classes and was constantly reading something or working on a paper. i played a little bit of Playstation baseball and I got on to check my email and stuff like that, but I didn't have much time for trips or anything.

Heck, I still haven't seen Lisa's baby.

But I feel better now. I popped my neck, so it's not so sore anymore. And I'm going to get some of my writing books out. I may get a head start on some writing exercises. I guess I was able to watch a few episodes of "WKRP" and "One Day at a Time" but seriously, I've been swamped this semester.

I'm going to try for a second job along with doing the internship. It's going to be a full summer too, at least it looks that way. Peace out.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's February... You Know What That Means...

I don't know if anybody even reads this thing anymore. Quite frankly, I usually forget that I have it, but then I remember in time to at least meet my once-a-month posting quota.

Well, school is too much work. It's depressing. I don't seem to get to do things for fun anymore because I spend all my time reading this lousy crap for my classes. Then I have to go to work. For what? To scrape together enough cash to put gas in my car so I can go back to school and do it all over again.

Needless to say, I'm not terribly thrilled about grad school. I just want it to be over so I can get a job and get married. I guess one thing I am looking forward to this summer is the class reunion. I'm not even sure why I care though. Probably for the karaoke.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

Well, here it is, 2007. And time for my monthly post. Yes Amanda, I finally got my grades. I was antsy to check them, but I wasn't able to access them until the day after they were due. I got straight As. Which means 2 As because I only took two classes ;)

Christmas and new years was awesome. I can't believe that when school starts this month I'll be a grad student. Now where's that diploma??? Did I even really graduate?

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a great new year!