Sunday, July 15, 2007

July Update Already?!

Seems like it was just the other day that I wrote my June update and already I see it is time for a July update. I finished my paper for the internship yesterday and emailed it to my professor. I finished my last in-office day for the internship of Tuesday. I'm still finishing some at-home work for it. Then I have a couple more assignments to finish. Luckily, I have begun both of these assignments.

So I started some sourdough starter a week or two back. When I thought it was finally time to make the bread, it disappointed me. I have put many of my craft projects on hold. Kris and I have been trying to make some wedding plans. We have to squeeze planning time in between his job searching and my schoolwork.

We watched Patti the other day. What a deal. She got 35 books on presidents from the library. Oops! Didn't realize I'd have to watch her like a hawk at the library!

Currently I am updating the website for the Parks and Rec Dept, but this computer is being very slow. I'm about done baking bread for a while. I think I need a break from bread to try cakes. Or perhaps cookies. In fact, I may just bake up some cookie dough that's in the fridge. Mom and I are trying to do a better job of being organized. That includes not leaving stuff in the fridge for ages upon ages.

I had Indian food last night. It was a microwavable dinner I got from an ethnic food store. It tasted like chili.

I am looking forward to writing my thesis. I haven't done much creative writing to speak of since I did the honors thesis last fall. I'm itching to do some creative writing again. I hope I haven't lost my touch.

Some guy is painting natural scenes on Create right now. The Garden Home was just on. I'm not much into a gardening mood right now. I'd rather see a cooking show (probably because I'm hungry).

I just never was that much into painting.

Somehow I think I can make that Indian chili stuff with a few kidney beans and some curry powder. Something about it made me feel good. My mood was better today than it has been in a while and I even woke up in a good mood.

Kris and I are going to try to start exercising more. I think exercise will be good for my mood as well. Mom told me that sports and exercise are stress relievers and plus they are good for health and help you sleep.

Well I see that Martha's Sewing Room is now on Create. That'll do. I need to start sewing too so I can make my wedding gown. I'm a little nervous about making my own gown... BUT! It will not only save $$$, but I can also make it the way I want it and it will make a cool memory.

Well, I probably better get back to work. I've been working in between sentences, but I really need to finish up this data entry so I can concentrate on the rest of my assignments and finish up this class. Ciao!

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