Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sunshine in the Eastern DEN

Well, today is the big day, folks. My words (well they were mostly mine) were put in print in the major voice of college journalism today: The Daily Eastern News. I have to say I was more than a little irritated that they added cheap extras like, "were some of my thoughts" and changed the ending. I liked it the way it was, that's why I submitted it as such. But that is life when you deal with editors.

So far nobody has noticed the column but me.

By the way, the picture is--as I expected--a bad one, where I look like a wasted hippie. Oh wait, I always look like that.

But in all seriousness, I am happy to finally have something out there. I submitted a second story to the DEN on Monday, and I will probably spend a day this weekend writing several more. For Val, here's an attempt at a link:

I have an STD meeting tonight, and I think I'll go to English Club on Tuesday. I'm actually getting tired of these long days, but I need stuff for resumes and college apps. Plus I need more T-shirts.

Now on to yesterday...

Yesterday was a very sleepy day for me. I fell asleep several times in the middle of Much Ado About Nothing. I mean I literally fell asleep in the book. I drool a lot in my sleep, but luckily I woke up before giving my textbook water damage. I really can't afford to pay for that right now.

Then in Shakespeare class I was in la-la land for approximately 43 minutes and 22 seconds. Sometime during la-la time, I did not understand a joke, playing on the word "nothing" in the play. I don't really want to elaborate. If you don't understand it, then do some research on what the word "nothing" was a slang for in Elizabethan England.

Yesterday was the final performance of the 4 Days at Jenni's Tour. It came complete with a demon possessed portable CD player, a trip to the bathroom in the dark while more than 50% asleep, and yet another dream where I was smoking. The trip was fun while it lasted.

Did I remember to repack my toothbrush?


valerie said...

yay for fridays!

do you have alink to your article!?

Sunshine_Jones said...

I can try...

agitswhoiam said...

Hey, I read the column...and I kept a copy of the paper too! And the whole subject about "nothing," that's like so elementary should tell Raybin that!!

Sunshine_Jones said...

Hee hee... I'm scared to tell Raybin anything :) Seriously though, I'm glad you kept a copy of the paper. And somehow I don't think I know how to post links on here, so I apologize to anyone who is trying to access anything I put.