Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl... What's That?

Grandma is doing remarkably well after her surgery on Friday. The people who came to my church frightened me today--enough said about that. I really haven't done much today except catching up on homework. I mean, I want to get it done in case I have to go to work tomorrow. I love how these things work. I hurry around to get my homework done in anticipation for DOING MORE WORK. And I don't even make much somehow. Probably comes from only working 4 hours a week :)

Regarding the title, I don't care about football in the slightest, so I pretty much forgot tonight is the big game. Even if I did care, I obviously wouldn't be able to watch it because I have other engagements (I did my time in Cather, and now I'm on to 3 years of hard labor with Billy Shakespeare).

To all of you who are watching the game, I hope you enjoy it. Don't go crazy if your team loses--if you even care about either of the teams. They've all sold out anyway. And party safely--don't act stupid. Later peeps...

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