Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day is for Suckers... Specifically Cherry or Watermelon Ones, Please

...Although candy or stuffed animals will do as well. By the way, thank you to Dr. Coleman for acknowledging that "ain't" is a perfectly fine word. Now... to the real issue. So today is the infamous Valentine's Day that I so vehemently protested against yesterday (note to self--this is the first time I've actually used the word "vehemently"--and I'm still not certain as to how it is pronounced). Looking back over that post, I see that I was perhaps a little opinionated, jaded, and otherwise a**hole-ish. Oops. Guess that's just my character. But so far my day has gone rather well. I got up at a decent time this morning, and for the first Tuesday this semester I actually got ready for school without rushing and made it to school about 30 minutes before my class started, thereby scoring an excellent parking place (not as excellent as the one I had yesterday, but by my standards, pretty dang good). Just before I left for school, my dad handed me a bag with a Beanie Baby poodle and a card that said "I love you" in it. That made me happy. Then I got to school as I just mentioned and sat down to read the paper, when all of a sudden Derek (or however the crap you spell his name) walked by and said, "Heads up!" and a beanie pig came flying my way, accompanied with a "Happy Valentine's Day," in a tone I'd never heard from him before: not sarcastic, but sweet for once. Maybe at 27 he's starting to realize it's okay to let his good side show :) And class went okay too. I came upstairs in the library just now to check my email and saw that Kris sent me a happy Valentine's email, and I got some forward from Jennifer (this could be interesting:)) and of course I have one more class and then trips to: the dry cleaners, to Wal-Mart to shop for Mom, and to JAC to treat myself all planned for the afternoon. Right now... I'm starving. Mom is supposed to treat me to Subway tonight as a part of my anti-Valentine's day party. Happy Valentine's all (even if you hate the holiday as I do, at least enjoy the day--it's nice out).

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