Friday, February 17, 2006

Tonight I'm Looking for a Party Crowd...

I worked all of 2.5 hours today (woo-hoo) that's more than I usually work in one day. Sad, I know. I think I'm going to try to get back on at the CK in March. I encourage my friends to join me in this misery. Most of my buds who used to work there aren't coming back when they reopen, so I'm gonna be sad and lonely. Back to today though, I also scored a trip to the courthouse which means an extra $5 on my check. AND... I found a dime today. I think I'm going bowling with Rachel's church youth group tomorrow. But I hate bowling, so I might hustle a little 8-ball instead. Not sure. Then Sunday the fam is going to Granny's to celebrate Mom's b-day. Brandy is going over to my house tonight (because she never comes over, ya know) and we might play Xbox or something. I plan on drinking a lot of expensive coffee and writing some crappy poetry. Maybe read some Faulkner too, I don't know. Heck, I'm just glad I have the day off from school. I don't care if I spend that day off doing homework. It's all good, baby.

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