Friday, February 10, 2006


Well, it has been a pretty fun week, all in all. I figure I'll have to work this afternoon (haven't worked since LAST Friday) but I'm actually looking forward to working. I think it's because the weather isn't that great. It seems sinful to me to be at work when it is beautiful outside. Maybe I'm just psychotic though.

Once again, we didn't get anything accomplished at the STD meeting. Next week, they better have pizza and order t-shirts, because I'm getting tired of them stringing us along on stuff just so we'll come to the meetings. It's not like anybody else is going to show up. They need to just accept that while there may be 30 or so members, only 6-8 are ever going to show up at any given meeting. Ugh.

I was planning on going to the next English Club meeting until I found out it was on Valentine's Day. Not that I have any big plans or anything, but I thought maybe my parents would like to take me out. Or maybe I could nag them until they do. Either way, I really don't want to be at a stupid meeting on Valentine's Day.

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