Sunday, January 01, 2006

Welcome to 2006

Happy New Year, everyone! Granny and I had a good time last night. I made sure she didn't get drunk. Anybody who knows my grandma knows she can be quite the party animal. Anyway, we baked some cookies (Russian teacakes) and ate a ton more junk food, then we played a game of Sorry! and two games of dominoes. Grandma (accidentally?) cheated at Sorry! and won. She was Sorry! when she woke up this morning and apologized for screwing me over. Just a game, Grandma.

The two of us stayed up until midnight to watch the ball drop in NYC. Something just doesn't sound right about that... New York hits puberty at precisely 12:00 A.M. Jan. 1st every year? I'm no biologist, so I have no right to question it.

I was about to pass out at 11:00 (that woman can wear you out playing dominoes) but by midnight I couldn't sleep. So I listened to the Glenn Miller Orchestra's "Chattanooga Choo Choo" (quite possibly the best big band song ever) and when I still couldn't sleep, I turned on the radio and heard "Boondocks" twice. Not a bad song. I'm not completely won over to country yet, but 2005 saw a broadening of my musical tastes. But enough about that.

So I didn't have any nightmares last night, but I did this morning. Man, did I ever have a bad sugar hangover again. Whew. The best cure for a sugar hangover, of course, is more sugar... so I helped myself to a couple more of the teacakes and some Honey Nut Chex party mix. I'm jonesing for some more sugar about now.

We went to church and my pastor asked me if Grandma got drunk last night. I guess her reputation has reached the parsonage now. I mean, he only lives two blocks from her. I guess they partied hardy at the church last night and some people stayed until after 2:00. I think my pastor stayed up that late... and he HAD to come to church this morning. Afterwards, I went to my other grandma's house and had lunch. Then I made a beaded Christmas ornament. I almost made it too late--gotta make sure it gets made just in time that I can't use it this season and that it will get lost before next Christmas.

New Year's Resolution #1: Stop making new year's resolutions. They are pointless. I always resolve to clean my room. My room hasn't been clean since 1994. And that was because we painted it. And I don't remember much about it because I was constantly stoned from the paint fumes. But I digress.

Anyway, once again I have started rambling on here. What? I'm not getting paid by the word? I'm not getting paid at ALL? Then why am I still writing? Oh yeah... because I'm a boring person who has nothing better to do than inform others about my boring life. Glad I remembered. Alright--start the new year out right by leaving me a comment and/or babysitting Jasper. I gotta get some sugar now. Later~


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year-2006. Glad you enjoyed the evening with your wonderful granny. My party consisted of 20 people-it was ok I suppose, but could of been way better if you know what I mean. I love all your posts. You have to be the funniest person I have ever met. Later!

valerie said...

1) you have to watch and make sure your gma doesn't get too crazy!? hehe, this i have to see to believe

2) Have you seen Boondock Saints? Its a good movie.


Sunshine_Jones said...

No I've never seen it... what's it about?