Monday, January 16, 2006

Happy MLK Day, Everyone!

Well, today ended up being a rather good day, especially considering it started out with me waking up at 7:00 to find that Mom had to take Grandma to the doctor, and then me stepping in crap. Well, apparently Grandma is okay, but the dr. wrote her a prescription because she was in a lot of pain last night and couldn't sleep. Glad she's okay as of today's checkup. She goes back tomorrow for a gall bladder test. Hopefully that will come back okay too. I'll clean my shoes later.

So I've spent most of the day cracking pecans. Yes, I know this is a job for old people who are retired and have nothing better to do. But look at it this way--I'm a young person who is partially unemployed and has nothing better to do. So there. I also baked some hamburger buns that turned out much better than expected, and I knitted some more on the scarf. Next I'm going to start crocheting an afghan. Hopefully I have the patience for such a project. It was a nice day, so I went outside to do pecans. Made me feel old-fashioned, but that's okay.

I guess I have to go back to school tomorrow. I'm trying not only to concentrate on school this semester, but also to do things I enjoy as well. Most of the time I spend the majority of a year involved in school school school and it's a wonder I'm not burned out yet. I may be poor since I'm not working much, but I'm definitely enjoying my freedom.

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TheLuckyOne said...

i really do hope your grandma is ok. you sould really think about cleanin your