Thursday, January 26, 2006

STD: Our Love of Literature is Contagious... or something like that

Well I only had one class today because my American Lit prof's dad is in the hospital and not doing well, so he took the day off. I feel sorry for the guy. Anyway, I didn't get to school until around noon. I did a little homework and then joined Amanda, Jeanine, and crew for another lovely therapy session... er... booksale. I love these booksales; we really don't have to do anything except be present and accounted for. Amanda and I spent the hour telling tales of our childhoods (including some silly/stupid anecdotes provided by yours truly) and being somewhat daring (Bow-chicka-bow-wow) and laughing like crazy people the whole time. It was wonderful. I really enjoy moments like that. Anyhow, after that, I went to my fiction class and wrote a letter to my future son, Jasper Hyacinth, apologizing to him for giving him an embarrassing name. The prof loved it. Then I went to Brandy's house for a while and (friends, forgive my weakness) I exercised. I know exercising is contrary to my usual code of ethical behavior, but I just couldn't help it. Tom has this ab machine thingy that I love because it makes my stomach smaller and my hips larger at the same time! I'm in it for the smaller tummy though. And then I had to lift some weights so my arms won't get flabbier, and I can't let Val's calf muscles get larger than mine, so I also did some walking exercises. By the time I was done with that, I needed to head back to school for the weekly STD meeting. And Amanda, you didn't miss much. Literally. It was a 30 minute meeting (awesome) and Jeff should have emailed you the minutes, so I won't go into great depth about the meeting on here. I'm moderately excited about the poetry reading thing though.

In other news, I found a $5 bill lying in Klehm yesterday and did not pick it up. I thought if it was still there after my class, then it was probably a sign that I should have it, but it was gone, so no harm, no foul. I coulda used five extra bucks though.

My stay with Jenni was a lot of fun. Their house is about 2x the size of ours. And there were only 3 people staying there, which made it seem huge. We considered throwing a fairly wild party for the three of us, but nobody had enough money to get in trouble. Which is probably a good thing :) By the way, JUST KIDDING. I don't want to get Jenni in trouble or anything.

I guess this means I'll be doing an encore next week, which I'm looking forward to. I need to get to bed soon, but I'll leave you all with a closing note. This is mainly addressed to the ladies, but men can read it too: I accidentally picked up a guy's campus pack at the beginning of last semester in the union. Inside, I found a 4 bladed razor (I want to say it was Schick Quatro or however you spell it, but I'm not positive, as I'm currently doing research for my PhD in men's razors through the University of Nowhere) Regardless, it works wonders. I never liked my razors before, and I think it was because they were wimpy little women's razors with only one blade. But this new one has FOUR. For an incredibly close shave. So girls, next time your razor craps out on you, consider a men's razor. You might be surprised.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't made a comment on here since who knows when. I have read all the posts though.

Yeah-it was a lot of fun having you at Jenni's house-please come back!

agitswhoiam said...

ya, I had to get the Schick Quatro for little blade can't tame the wild forest that I call the surface of my leg...

Anonymous said...

sunshine stop usein guy rasers its just plain werid just jokin see yea EJWater