Saturday, January 28, 2006

I Turned 21 in Prison Doing Life Without Parole

Saturday. The day I've waited for all week. I can't account for the morning, but then in the early afternoon I visited my grandma and crocheted a little, read some Shakespeare (for class... I don't make a habit of reading Shakespeare for the fun of it). Anyhow, then I bought GAS for the second time this week (the first time was yesterday). This gasoline habit needs to go. I can't keep spending like this. Then I came home and didn't do a heck of a lot of anything, until Mom and Dad came home from The Chronicals of Narnia, at which point I visited the IGA with them (my day gets wilder every minute!) And then I came home, ate, and crocheted a little more while listening to Lucinda Williams (ever heard of her). And now I'm talking to my buddy on IM and updating this puppy. Nothing else to talk about ya'll. Sorry for wasting your time on this post...

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