Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Sorry I didn't post yesterday, to all you who set your clocks by my postings (which might not be a good idea anyway because I usually post at various times, whenever is most convenient for me). Today, a little after 12:00 is most convenient because I'm on a break and I think all I have to do is email a poem to my poetry classmates. I'm not really digging the idea of attaching files to emails today, so instead I'll send you a synopsis of yesterday's events:

First day of classes = awesome. I like both classes I had and they're both laid-back, so that takes away a lot of stress. Came home and gathered a load of sheets, went to Granny's and washed them. Visited with her while the laundry was washing. Came home and dried said laundry and began cooking large dinner. Well, I thought it was large anyway. It consisted of the infamous au gratin potatoes, biscuits, peas, soy veggie chicken (for those who were unaware, I'm a vegetarian) and cranberry sauce. Yums!

Drama began when Sunshine realized the necessity of Father installing a Pet Net in the southeast corner of Sunshine's room. Sunshine has done a great job of cleaning her room and wanted a place to store her stuffed animals. Father came armed with drill, various sized drill bits, and short temper. After much measuring, we determined where to drill holes and father drilled, then inserted plastic stabilizers in which to place hook screws (used to hold up Pet Net) since Sunshine's room is made of drywall. Father successfully mounted 2 hooks into wall and successfully broke third hook. Sunshine understands Father's frustration, as she also has a short fuse, and decided to leave the room. A few moments later, Father emerged, satisfied, with Pet Net hanging from southeast corner of room. Good job, Daddy!

Sunshine became horribly fatigued and passed out without attempting to do any homework or post updates on blog. Sunshine will try to keep blog updated, but makes no promises as she will be slightly busier now that school has started. I'm tired of talking in 3rd person. I gotta get to my homework now. Might update for today if there's anything worth talking about. Later...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for supper-it was awesome-esp after a long and sort of crappy day for me.

Glad you had a wonderful 1st day of school and like your classes-not the case for me at all though.

Good luck this semester!!