Monday, January 23, 2006

If You're Not a Vegetarian Yet, You Will Be...

Well, I just found out today that on Wednesday I'm supposed to watch a movie in Senior Seminar called The Butcher. I'm not italicizing the title because I'm protesting against it. As a lifelong vegetarian, I don't see the necessity in my viewing various types of farm animals being slaughtered and turned from happy living creatures into a bloody mess and then into the pretty little packages we see in the grocery store. I mean seriously, if other people want to eat meat that's fine with me. I'm not in PETA yet, so don't worry. Emphasis on the YET. Anyhow, I can see why it is important for meat-eaters to understand where their meat comes from, but do I need to see it? Just looking at ground chuck makes me woozy.

And this is after I had to watch the cattle ranching video, complete with slaughtering, on Friday.

Really, is this guy a sadist? He surely can't enjoy making us all sick. And right at lunchtime. Ah screw it. I don't care--I just won't watch it.

I worked a whole THREE hours today, a lot for Sunshine. AND I am supposed to come back Friday (this is a long week). Actually, it is a busy one. Tomorrow and Thursday, AG and I are doing our community service at the STD booksale (by this point, I don't mind using the initials) and then Thursday, I'm doing prison time at the STD meeting. Wednesday is my long day at school, and of course I work Friday.

I am technologically living in 1975, so I was thrilled to realize that I can play CDs while writing papers on my laptop. No, I knew I could long ago. I just finally got around to digging through my CDs the other day.

Did I mention I'm staying with Jenni some this week? It should be a lot of fun. Her parents went on a trip, and Brandy is staying with her to keep her company, and then I'm making a cameo there tomorrow and Wednesday for comic relief. If I go over well enough, I may even be asked to do an encore next week. We'll just have to see about that. Today I feel about 80 years old, so I think I'll get a drink (of WATER... before I get any questionable comments) and head to bed early. If I can't sleep, I can always do homework. And to AG, I read your post and I'm remembering you. The key is not to stress out in life... if you can help it. Good night all.


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