Friday, January 13, 2006


Alright peoples, it is Friday! WOO HOO! Sunshine is as psyched as she gets. Not only is it a weekend, my friends, but a 3 day weekend to boot. My senior seminar class was canceled today and on Wednesday the prof said he'd see us Friday if he was still alive... hopefully he's still alive. I like him. Then in poetry, my prof (not naming any names) started making fun of my hometown, asking if there were phone lines and running water there. Ha ha ha. I got the last laugh--I told him there were phone lines and running water in town, but not in the country. Travis said in the country we write our messages, tape them to a cow and give it a smack, hoping the message reaches the right person. But enough of that...

So I went to work afterwards for an hour and 15 minutes (felt like a Tuesday/Thursday class at school) and got to come home and cook. I made potatoes on the stove and they were moderately nasty. Not much flavor for some reason. But I was hungry, so it worked. Not much to say tonight. I need to write three pages of autobiographical memories for my fiction class (this writing exercise is nonfiction material) and read some Hemingway (the book is actually better than I anticipated) and do internet research on Langston Hughes. All this so I can enjoy the long weekend guilt-free. Until next time, toodles!

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Anonymous said...

I am more than happy that it is Friday and that we also get Monday off.

Enjoy it Sunshine!