Friday, April 28, 2006

Celebrate Good Times

Okay, so I worked for about an hour and a half today. Then I went to poetry and read 3 poems from my book. I also made some people laugh. After that, I returned several books and Kris and I went to Celebration. It was pretty fun. We played this pitching game. Kris threw faster than I did, but I won the bet, because we each bet that the other would do better. Then we shared a funnel cake and each got a Mountain Dew. Then we sort of just hung out and talked a while. Then, Brandy came over and we started a movie. But then Rach came over and got extremely wild. Keep in mind, I was pretty tired when she got here (around 8:00) so I was exhausted when she left. I don't know about that application. I need to fill it out but I keep dragging my feet about it. I also need to work on studying for the GRE, taking it, and applying to grad school. Ugh. I'm so sick of school and work both though. But yeah, Rach just kept having me wait on her and stuff. Then she kept starting like 50 things or whatever. She had to show me a scene from some movie she rented, and then she tried to get me to watch Walk the Line with her. Thing is, I've already seen it, and she also rented some games to play, so I talked her into starting the games. I beat her at Need For Speed, but I couldn't figure out the Tony Hawk one.

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Anonymous said...

Ha-Rach is always extremely wild lil dude!