Monday, April 10, 2006

I Love Ewe

Yes, sheep are cool. But I just wanted to misuse the word "ewe." Rach and I have been punning that word for a couple days or so. I had a good day today. Didn't have to work, so I came home and promptly got a sunburn. I also wrote three pages on this Shakespeare paper that is due next Wednesday. I want to have a draft ready for this Wednesday though, because that way I can make revisions. But the paper is due next Wednesday... so I'll get the paper back the day it is due... so I hope I'm not totally screwed on this deal. I mean, I'm REALLY trying to keep up my GPA. Guess I can just do my best. Now I'm starting to stress out. That's the bad thing about once-a-week classes. And still have to do TAXES. Oh the drama. Kris and I are supposed to hang out tomorrow. Now I'm starting to lean towards just friends again. Man, this sunburn is getting painful. Well, I need to do a little more homework before getting to bed.


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Sunshine_Jones said...

Shut up, Maurice

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