Saturday, April 08, 2006

I'm Going to Jackson...

Or maybe Oxford, if I am lucky enough to get in. That is, Oxford MS--home of Ole Miss. But totally off the subject of anything, except that I've been excited thinking about it. Yeah, I've also been thinking about how much I want to travel too. Sure I'm growing up, but for once, it's not scaring me.

So Brandy and I took The Lucky One to Wal-Mart and Little Caesar's today. It was fun. I also had to buy gas. So... I now have a one-way ticket to Broke City. I came home and read some of The Winter's Tale, but I'm not crazy about English lit, and specifically anything besides comedies that Shakespeare wrote tends to bore me. So what did I do to take a break from it? I started working on a Shakespeare paper. Actually... Mom got me sidetracked. She got out an atlas, and I love maps and atlases (now ya'll see why I got so excited about wanting to travel). But anyway, I did write a couple pages on the 10 page research paper for my honors Shakespeare class. Wasn't a lot of fun, but at least I have an idea as to where I want to go with the paper.

And now I'm getting ready to read some more of The Grapes of Wrath, though it will be my 3rd or 4th time reading it.

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