Tuesday, April 18, 2006

10 Proof

Hey ya'll... not much to say today. Kris brought me my Easter gift today. He got me like 3 different kinds of candy and a stuffed animal. It was sweet of him. We returned some of our books together today too. And got accosted numerous times by United University people wanting us to vote. Kris said if he got asked again, that he'd tell them he voted for Danny O'Day (inside joke). I went to work today from 9:10 to 9:55, although I messed up and put 10:10 to 10:55--eh, still got the amount of time correct. Kris and I hung out until my 2:00 class and then for about 15 minutes before his 3:30 class. It was cool. I forgot to check on my Shakespeare paper so I can make revisions and print it out for tomorrow night's class--drama. I'm going to make some changes tonight and then check tomorrow and maybe print off a copy at LLC or at Booth, or at Kris's apartment or something. I also need to read Grapes of Wrath tonight too. Hopefully it will all work out. School's almost over. Looking forward to this summer. Kris and I plan on seeing Silent Hill sometime and then we might go on a picnic and other stuff over the summer too. Hopefully it will be fun. Well, I gotta check on my food now.


Anonymous said...

Oh shut up!

sunshine said...

No, you say it like you mean it!