Tuesday, April 04, 2006

What Up, Creep-Dawg?

Happy Birthday Kevin!!! Where he is, it was yesterday, but whatever. Kris and I had lunch today. Last night I pretty much told him why I just wanted to be friends, and he didn't bug me at all about it today. That was a huge relief. I really didn't want to hurt his feelings. Anyhow, then I saw Sarah and Tammy and another girl from LLC that I didn't know. That was pretty cool. I wish they could have stayed longer, but oh well. I had to drop off a dress at the dry cleaners for Mommer and then I had to get some Horseradish for Daddy. I got some breakfast food for myself too though. This is at Wal-Mart, not the cleaners. I also saw Dr. Searle at Wal-Mart. That was pretty cool. I'm hungry and really Jonesing for some pizza now. Unfortunately... it's probably a little late to start on such an endeavor.


Anonymous said...

Who is this Kris??? I must have missed previous posts about him.

Less Than Three


Anonymous said...

/\/\ That post was from me, Megan. :P

Sunshine_Jones said...

Ahh, I wasn't understanding "Em"--I thought we were talking Auntie Em and I was going to say I'm not in Kansas anymore. Kris is the 30-year-old guy from my poetry class. The one I said I just wanted to be friends with and for right now I do just want to be friends, but I could change my mind. So, to make a long story even longer, we're not dating, but pretty much everybody thinks we are--lol.