Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

Well, we had church today. I was 15 minutes late though because I couldn't find a place to park. I ended up parking at my grandma's house and walking to church. Wasn't a long walk, just a little time-consuming. After service, Mom and I went with Grandma and Vickie to Fazolis. It was good. Then we went to Wal-Mart and then I came home and changed clothes for the Easter egg hunt (AKA Hudfest 2006). Side note--Brandy, we gotta make t-shirts this year...

In response to Kris's concern over the use of ellipses (as referenced in my use of them at the end of the preceding paragraph) Carpenter is right. I got a new copy of Writer's Digest last night (I may have already mentioned this) but anyway, sure enough dude, you're supposed to use a dash to connote time passages or choppy speech. The ellipses is used (passive voice) when you are quoting something and cutting a portion of the quote out. I actually knew that... or I thought I did at least :)

Yeah I had a good time at Hudfest. No Rach--nobody took your camera. You left it in your car. And the weather really didn't get bad over here. That's okay though--sorry I was being such a creep.

Day #2 of going out with Kris. Note to self (and any single ppls reading this): Never start a relationship on a weekend that you will not see the significant other. When starting a new relationship, it is usually a good thing to be around the person. Otherwise, you will forget that you actually have a boyfriend because it has been 10 years and the whole notion of you actually having a boyfriend is so surreal that you have to pinch yourself and make sure you're not bleeding pancake syrup.

But yeah, I kind of miss him.

However, tomorrow in class will be the first time we actually look at each other face to face as boyfriend and girlfriend. Not sure when we'll start holding hands and stuff. We plan on moving very slow with this thing. Summer is going to be very strange. He's going to England for a month, but he's supposed to be sending me postcards. I imagine I'll miss him terribly. Then after that, we plan on getting together occasionally once he gets back from the trip. He also said we can maintain a long-distance relationship if I happen to go to another state for grad school. He said he'd come see me sometimes if that's the case.

But enough about my new boyfriend.

I know from experience that nobody wants to hear about the new boyfriend except the new girlfriend who is excited that she now has him and talks about him nonstop. I'm trying not to do that. I don't know why I was so nervous about this whole thing. It's really not that big of a deal. Especially to know that we can still be friends if the boyfriend/girlfriend thing doesn't work out. Hope ya'll had a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I wanna hear about your new guy! With in reason anyway! ;) I gotta stay updated on my girlie!


Anonymous said...

Kris Kris that really what it is all about?

Sunshine said...

shut up Brandy