Sunday, April 02, 2006

Caution: Potentially Graphic Post. Viewer Discretion is Advised

Hi! So yeah I had a good time last night. I had the craps at Fazolis though. Rach and I were in adjoining stalls, making all sorts of obscene noises. Then she was talking to me and laughing in the bathroom. Strange situations, folks.

Okay, so I felt better after that. Until about midnight or so when I awoke from a short nap (actually I went to bed maybe at 10:00 or 11:00 and I was just waking up) and I felt terrible. I tried to ignore the red flags (stomachache, heartburn, feelings of general indigestion) and went back to sleep. I was very tired, so this was not hard to do. However, when I awoke again at 4:30, things were different. I could not just ignore the salty taste in my mouth and knew i had to get to the bathroom. FAST. So I did, and I flushed the toilet to make sure it was good and clean, but while I was waiting for it to flush... yep. Barfed in the sink. Repeatedly. I don't think my throat has ever been this sore before. It was terrible. I'm guessing either I got lactose poisioning from OD-ing on cheese at Fazoli's past 3:00 PM (because I'm moderately lactose intolerent, just in case ya'll cared) or perhaps someone slipped some sort of mind-altering substance into the creamer at Rural King when I went for my free popcorn and coffee yesterday. Who knows. All I know is it made me horribly sick.

My throat was swollen for a good part of the day too. I felt like I had something stuck in my neck like all morning and kept gagging when I tried to cough it up because I realized I was trying to cough up the inside of my throat. And it wasn't wanting to come up.

I stayed home from church today, just in case you couldn't figure that out. I was not feeling well at all.

So I spent the morning/early afternoon trying remedies. My throat still hurts, but the swelling has gone down. In fact, I don't think my throat is swollen at all anymore. I also tried typing my Faulkner paper that might be due on Tuesday, but the prof says he'll accept the papers anytime. Yeah. That's the one. So I did more research and I am one page away from finishing a rough draft. I talked to Rach while I was doing research. Rather, I should say I listened to Rach and occasionally had a chance to answer one or two of her questions about Kris. Yeah, she likes Kris now. And she doesn't even know him.

Speaking of Kris... I watched all I could stand of his movie Return of the Living Dead Part II. He warned my that it would be stupid. Oh yes. It was stupid. He said if I liked corny, campy old horror movies from the 80s I'd like it. First off, I had to look up campy in the dictionary. I think the movie fits the definition. Cheesy to the point of being funny. Or something along those lines. I figured out from the context clues that I wouldn't like the movie though. But I took yet another one for the team and tried to watch it. I told Dad that I couldn't give up on the movie until the corpses actually started getting out of the graves, so I fast forwarded to that part. And then I rewound the tape and turned it off.

Now, I know I haven't been speaking of Faulkner for probably about 20 miles now, but I'm still going to refer back to it. Speaking of William Faulkner, I got another idea on grad school. Like my buddy Barry, I had a "well duh" moment regarding grad school today. I love Faulkner, and I love the South, so why not apply to Ole Miss? And here's the funny thing: Barry's "well duh" moment was when he realized he should have applied there too. He's actually going into Faulkner for his MA thesis right now and I assume he wants to specialize in Faulkner for his PhD. I checked out tuition and it's not too much, surprisingly. I don't know how much housing and other fees are though. Also, I don't know if they offer assistantships or anything like that down there. I need to do some more research into the school. I just remembered that Dad always kind of wanted me to go there when I was younger though. And miraculously, he didn't immediately veto the idea when I suggested it. He just mentioned that I should look into assistantships and financial aid and stuff. It's about 7 hours from here, whereas Iowa is between 4.5 and 5. Really, not too far. I'm pretty excited thinking about it anyway.

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