Monday, March 27, 2006

You Always Leave Me Standing In the Rain

Ah, rain. I've had a great day thus far. I handed in my final copy of the Senior Seminar paper and we got out of class early. I headed into Martone's class and chatted with Derek for a while, then APG got there and the 3 of us started throwing a rubber ball around and just plain acting stupid. We really did have a good time. Then Martone got there and was saying something about not sure if he'd be in class Wednesday, which made me nervous because Dr. Scott committed suicide about a year ago, and hopefully Martone doesn't go off the deep end and mimick Marty. APG and I walked out in the parking lot and talked forever until he asked me if I had to go to work, which I did. So he walked off in the rain. I'm going to see if he'll have lunch with me tomorrow or something. I may change my mind about him after all.

Then at work, we were all in goofy moods and joking around a lot. Dave was giving me crap about going to bars and stuff, though I have never done that.Then he asked me what I did for fun and I told him I didn't have fun. Then I laughed. We were going to have happy hour at 4, but it didn't work out. By the way, this happy hour just involved goofing off at work. Anyway, I finished up my work at 4:00, so "happy hour" was postponed.

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Anonymous said...

OH NO---YOU HAVE TO BE JOKING. Lord help us all.