Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Apparently I'm a Libertarian? Not Librarian

Day 3 of Spring Break. I'm here at Brandy's eating Shrek cereal. Very stylish. I just took a political stance test that told me I'm a libertarian. I don't know much about Libertarians, so if any of you readers do know something about them, please leave me a comment and tell me if I really am one or not. Thing is, I'm not big into politics.

I went to Joe Sippers and Little Caesar's with Brandy last night before revival. It was fun until somebody had a heart attack after the service. Still don't know how the guy is doing, but the whole thing terrified me and I didn't get much sleep last night. Couldn't get much rest until I put The Wizard of Oz in. Go ahead and laugh at me for still watching it, but I happen to like the movie. Alice in Wonderland is better though.

Anyway, I worked a couple hours today and I'm supposed to come in tomorrow afternoon and maybe work some more. Still don't know what I'm going to do about grad school yet. I don't plan on going to revival tonight, but I think I'm going to go to town. I am still pretty much in shock about last night and being slightly hypocrondriacal and very OCD doesn't help at all. So I figure a good shopping trip and perhaps eating out again might be the trick to get me back to my "normal?" self again.

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