Sunday, March 12, 2006

Still Not Feeling the Greatest...

Yeah, I didn't feel so hot when I woke up this morning, so I didn't go to church today. I feel better off and on, but probably won't feel normal again until mid-afternoon or early evening. I figure you ladies all know what I'm talking about. Sorry if I'm embarrassing anyone.

Anyway, I did my devotional for today and then I read an entire book. The one I just bought yesterday. I don't think I've ever read an almost-200 page book in a morning before. I finished it just a little before noon. Then I started one of my Fannie Flagg books when it occurred to me that I should be checking in on the old homework situation. I had completely forgotten that I have some short stories to read for fiction. I started one by Raymond Carver. I'm not digging it. It's kinda creepy. And of course everything is more frightening when you're by yourself in your room all day on a gloomy day and you don't feel well and you've said more words to yourself than to people. But I should get back to it. Spring break is supposed to be a break I know, but I plan on getting a good head start on this school work just in case I actually get my second job back next month and also so I can have extra time to check out grad school opportunities and compare notes plus I need to get going on this GRE thing. Amanda, have you taken it yet? I'm pretty nervous thinking about it (which is why I usually DON'T think about it) and also to Amanda, I suppose I will walk across in the fall. I hear fall graduation is shorter than the ones in the spring and I suppose graduating a 4-year university (even if it took me 4.5) is an accomplishment to be proud of. Just thought I'd let you know where I'm at right now.

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Poor buddy.