Friday, March 17, 2006

Just Punched Out and It's Paycheck Friday... (Okay, not really)

I didn't do much today. I'll just be honest about it. I slept until 9:00 and then had lunch at my granny's. Brandy came over and I was in manic mode until I realized that spring break is over after this weekend and I didn't do much for fun. I just keep reading King Lear and I went to work 3 days. That sent me into depressive mode. Depressive mode was fueled by other things including not knowing what to do for a career. My boss has been trying to offer me a pretty good job for about 3 years now. Only catch is that I have to go to special schooling for it in Chicago. And it's a 2-week program. I don't think I'd mind the job once I got licensed, but the licensing process would be time-consuming and I don't want to go to Chicago by myself. Oh also you have to take a test to get certified, but I doubt the test is too hard if you pay attention and study for it. Dad knew I was getting stressed, so he took Brandy and me to the mall and he bought me a Sherlock Holmes book. Victorian lit is not my favorite genre, but I enjoyed reading Holmes stories in my grad class last semester. Plus, the book was only $7.99 before tax. And I was able to earn a few points on my Borders Rewards card even though he paid for the book. Mom and Dad are going to buy me some fish sticks so I can get used to eating fish (never eaten it before) and then maybe it won't freak me out so much to try to eat salmon and tuna. Last night I did a rough draft of my midterm assignment for my poetry class. It is due on Monday. I've been spending a lot of time working on homework over break. Oh well, at least I only have 2 classes in the fall and then I can graduate. Then I have grad school to worry about, but I also have this job offer that I think I'm going to take. It will probably be hard to go to school and work the job in the summers, but that's what I'm leaning towards right now.

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