Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I Love What???

Not a lot to talk about so far. I'm here in the library at school because Brandy doesn't have class today, so I guess I'll have to spend my break actually doing homework. I'm starting to get hungry though, so I may eat too. I don't know. I really need to save my money (pretty sad, huh?) I'm wearing my sexy pink Sigma Tau Delta shirt. The one that says: "I Love STD" (in Greek letters) on the front and then says, "All This and Brains Too!" on the back. The one I ordered a year ago and thought I'd never get. Class was okay today. We discussed Faulkner. Quite possibly my favorite author right now. I plan on reading a short story by him during this break so I can prepare for the 10 page midterm I have to do. I'm glad I got my senior seminar paper done (at least the rough draft) because I am going to need to RELAX over spring break. I'm getting to old to actually work spring break. Too bad I can't go to Panama. I need to seriously think about grad school and try to get some stuff sent out for publication. I got a new copy of Writer's Digest last night, and I looked at it for tips and found an article about humor mags. Think I'm going to start submitting stuff to some of them. So McSweeneys didn't print my list of bad drink names. Who cares. They don't pay anyway.

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theluckyone said...

Well....I didn't think anyone loved "STD'S" so...I'm just gonna go..ok bye