Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Well my advisor emailed me back and said I do NOT have to take another English lit prior to 1660 class (THANK GOD!!!) but she said I could take whatever other 3 credit class I want instead. What?! I want to only take two if I can do that and still graduate. So I emailed her back again and asked if all my hours would be met with just those two classes. I don't see why they wouldn't, but when I did my degree audit I just got confused... what with the "upper division hours" and the "senior institution hours" but I still think I'd be okay. I figure that if I follow what the catalog says I should be okay and I only have 2 more senior level classes to take in the fall. I'm assuming those are upper division. Likewise, I'm in a couple of senior level classes now, so I figure that would take care of upper division. Senior institution just means from EIU I think, and after this semester I'll have my 60 hours from here. Hopefully I can get away with just two classes in the fall. I really don't want to take 4 unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Brandy took me to Taco Bell today (WOO HOO!) it was good. And Derek gave me a stuffed puppy dog in red white and blue. Very stylish. Well, better get back to Zora Neale Hurston now.


theluckyone said...

Is this derek brandy's brotherinlaw? cause I hear youtalking bout him all the time and you knowit just confusing.

Sunshine_Jones said...

No, Brandy's bro-in-law is spelled Derrick. This one is a 27 year old guy from a couple of my classes.