Friday, March 10, 2006


Hey everybody. I'm excited that it is nice out and I'm on spring break! Not going to Panama like everybody else, but that's okay. I only worked 45 minutes today but I got a trip to town down on the next check too. Also, I bought gas today and now I'm down to $12. Wow. Think of all the possibilities one can do with $12 and a week off school. Oh wait... not much. I'm really happy about being on break though. I'm really hungry now too so... gotta go. Well I better clean my room too. No excuses to keep me to from doing it now.

P.S. Never call Alan D. "buddy."


Anonymous said...

You can buy a lot with $12--manwhores and alcohol!!!!! (just kidding of course)

theluckyone said...

was that bb's comment lol wahts wrong with her lol cyea