Thursday, March 02, 2006

How Do I Get In These Situations?

Okay ya'll... to start things off, I think I did okay on my Shakespeare midterm, so that's AWESOME! We'll see next week if I'm still in the same humor though. Anyway, so I downed a Red Bull during the midterm so I could make sure to stay awake and be very alert throughout the test. Unfortunately, the Red Bull worked overtime and I couldn't get to sleep until... I think it was after 3:00. So one of my profs has agreed to do an independent study honors thesis with me in the fall in the field of creative writing--very cool. And I've been doing some work for my job in my spare time here at school. Tonight I have a lovely STD meeting and I'm almost broke.

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theluckyone said...

I might have a little advise for you "just say that you like him to much to break that freind ship it may hurt him but you just got to take that chance,trust me it may seem bad but if you don't like him you shouldn't marry him jsut cause you don't want to break his heart. talk to you later