Monday, July 31, 2006

Swing Batter Batter Swing

Okay I admit I have a country song going through my head. I'M SORRY. But yeah, I'm also sorry for not updating much lately. I lost some weight--I'm down to 115 in the morning now. That's probably about where I should be. I can't say I've really been doing much lately. Last Friday, I had to go to work, and then I ended up watching my cousin after all. So I got in work for two jobs that day.

Then on Saturday I went to Kris's house and for the first time ever, did not get lost. We had a good time--watched a little South Park and thought about watching Date Movie but decided not to. Had lunch. Then later I read his novella and it was really sad. It made me cry and it was just a work of fiction. I really didn't think I was that emotional of a person. Then after that, we went to karaoke and NO I did not sing. I had a Pepsi and watched him sing and met some of his friends.

Yesterday, I went to church and then in the afternoon, Brandy and I went to Chrissy Pugh's baby shower. We sat at the same table as her boyfriend's mom. I won the "How Well Do You Know Chrissy?" contest and got a picture album for it. That was pretty cool. I could have won the nursery rhyme game too, except there was a 3-way tie and so they had to find a way to determine the winner. This is great--I would have never thought of it, but the girls gave us each a roll of toilet paper and said we had to guess how many sheets it would take to go around the fattest part of Chrissy's pregnant belly. Oh my gosh. I guessed like 6 sheets--I don't think that even made it across the front of her belly. So anyway, needless to say, I lost that competition. That's okay though--I didn't need to win two prizes.

Like I did at Shawna's bachelorette party.

You know, I only remember one of the games I won. Folks, I was proud of myself. I won the "Pin the P**** on the Man" game (which is just like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" except the poster and game pieces are a little different).

Well, I worked I think an hour and 45 minutes today, give or take. It wasn't too bad. Then I got paid--very nice. I haven't been working much at all though, so I don't know--my check will probably just pay for the gas I've bought since last pay period. Sad, huh?

I see Brandy has left me a voice mail something about doing something tonight, so I better call her back and shoot the bull with her a little bit. I'm not for sure as to what I'm going to do this afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Pin the Macho on the Man ;P Good job girlie!