Monday, July 03, 2006

Ski, Skiing, Skiied?

Well, I think my bipolarness is getting a little better. My mood swings don't seem to be quite as frequent or severe. I think I just found the article that I want to comment on for my next column. Once again, it's a doozy.

Did I spell "doozy" right?

You know, I had to call Brandy this morning before work to see if "ski" has a past tense. I was studying for my GRE, and I really didn't need to know how to spell the word, but I was going nuts anyway (anal-retentiveness). Anyway, I wrote down "s-k-i-e-d," but realized that was the past tense of "sky"--if there is such a thing. Then I tried "s-k-i-i-e-d" which just looked weird, and a little evil, truth be told. So then I got worried that maybe I'd have to use a form of "ski" in one of my essays there on the GRE. "I ski. She skis (or skiis? or skiies?) They skiied?" None of these sentences look correct. I hate the word "ski."

I really didn't do much today. I've been trying to tame down my poor birds. Yeah, pretty sure the kids of the people that had them before me must have picked on them or something. Especially Sunshine--she bites me all the time. Jasper occasionally snaps at me, but he usually just flies away. (Oh great--forms of the word "fly"--almost as bad as "ski")

Ever notice that "flies" looks like "files?"

America is so screwed up. We put the punctuation inside the quotation marks. Personally, I think that whatever goes inside the quotes should actually be what is quoted. For example, if I had written the book of grammar, I would have insisted that the question mark go outside the quotes on the above example of "files."

I knew I made a mistake when I decided against going into chemical engineering.

So last night I spent too much time researching the University of Iowa and SIU-C. I think I'll apply to 4 or 5 schools. U of Miss, U of Iowa, SIU-C, U of I, and if I'm desperate, EIU. EIU is sort of a last-ditch effort thing, because they don't offer an MFA program and I will have already taken 3 grad-level writing courses as an undergrad. No offense, Val, but I haven't really heard anything good about U of I's English department, so I'm not sure if I should really apply there or not. I was thinking that they offered an MFA, but I should look into that more too.

I wonder how much I'll shell out in application fees, only to be turned down by all of my schools on a Wednesday?

Actually, maybe that won't happen because, as none of my schools have "W's" in them, then the curse of the W might not apply to me.

I heard from Kris again today. He's pretty well fed up with study abroad. Hope he's better when he gets back home.

Well, guess I better get something to eat (ever since I ate way too much at Olive Garden on Saturday, I just can't seem to stop eating--pretty scary, folks). Then I need to get back to the GRE.


Anonymous said...

The past tense of ski is skied

Third person present is skis

Present is skiing

Dang-to me that all looks weird, but that is just how it is folks-at least I think I am right (but hey-then again I never am)

Anonymous said...

Ever notice that "flies" looks like "files?"
--YES! lol

And, Olive Garden? without me? You broke my heart Carissa Hayden...