Sunday, July 09, 2006

I can listen to Clapton again :)

Okay ya'll...

So I talked to Kris on the phone last night and we discussed some things. There was quite a bit of misunderstanding on both our parts (well that just sounded dirty, now didn't it?) Anyway, we never actually "broke up," but he gave me the opportunity to leave if I wanted to. I don't want to discuss his reason, but it was nothing bad about me.

So we are still together. Brandy, I didn't want to say anything about it tonight because I didn't want you to have a fit when I was trying to watch Patti. I'm sorry if that makes me less of a friend for not telling you what you wanted to hear when you wanted to hear it, but I was just trying to keep the situation from getting bad.

And Brandy, please for my sake, stay out of this. Don't cause trouble for Kris or for me. Please.

Megan, thank you for your work schedule--we should totally get together for lunch sometime. And thanks for the advice on the earlier post. I appreciate it.

Brandy, I'm not sure about looking into that job tomorrow. I'm too hot and tired to really even think about it. I'm sorry.

Now that I have all that out of the way, here's how I spent my day:

I couldn't sleep well last night because I had some sinus problems, so I took a Benadryl and it knocked me out. I didn't get up until after 8:00 this morning--YIKES! Anyway, so I went to my grandma Pat's church this morning and it started at 9:30 in Greenup. I had never been to a Methodist service before. It was okay--totally different from a Pentecostal one though...

Anyway, after that, Pat gave me instructions on watching Patti and then I spent the next 10 hours watching Patti. Grandma and Kenneth (her hubby) went to a dance in Nokomis that was supposed to last from 2:00 to 4:30. Well... at 2:10 or so she called me to say that they thought it was supposed to start at 2:00 and when they got there, they found out that it wasn't supposed to start until 4:00! So I was going to have to stay an extra two hours. I was pretty bummed out because today seemed like a pretty day and I had to spend it inside their house, trying to keep Patti out of mischief.

I failed to mention that Patti is my 36-year-old first cousin with Down's syndrome who lives with my grandma and her second husband, Kenneth.

So Patti had 4 pieces of pizza at lunch today and a piece of garlic toast. I thought that seemed like a lot, but I wasn't sure what she was supposed to have. Don't worry, she told me. After the last morsel was savored, Patti proudly informed me that she was, in fact, only supposed to have TWO pieces of pizza and nothing else. Oh gosh--hopefully she doesn't get sick tonight--she has a weak stomach when it comes to rich foods.

I could only handle 2 pieces at lunch and ate the other 2 pieces around 3:00, if that tells you anything.

Grandma also had some mac and cheese for supper, but I was not hungry at all by that point, so I just had a diet vanilla Pepsi (as it was the only pop in the fridge) and believe you me, I hate diet soda. Anyway, Patti happily ate a healthy serving of the mac and cheese and also made herself a sandwich--with cheese. Then she asked where the yogurt was. I almost went into a lactose fit just thinking about all that dairy. In fact, I have some terrible heartburn right now.

Brandy came over around 5:30 and stayed until around 9:00, when I left.

I also talked to Brandy, Rachel, and my mom on my phone quite a bit. In my spare time, I did some fill-in word puzzles (I love those) and read some on my book Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man and studied some for the GRE. I got tired of all that by the evening and decided to watch some American Dad and Family Guy.

Megan, you're right--Ron White is creepy. I never really thought about it like that, but maybe that's why I'm not crazy about him.

Well, all my friends, I hope I haven't caused any strife among you (especially you, Brandy) but I just try to avoid the drama when I can. Peace out :)


Anonymous said...
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theluckyone said...

man you guys havein prob;ems again carissa explain what waws with kris sometime to me ok. cause i dont understand how someone can be mixed up by that so yea. gtg bye

Anonymous said...

Yeah-he is really screwed up EJ and belongs in a nut house.

Sunshine_Jones said...

Brandy, can't you just keep the negative comments to yourself? It's really hurting me.