Saturday, July 15, 2006

I spent over an hour in Christopher and Banks today. I love my Mommy! :)

I see it has been a while since I updated, considering I usually think I need to update daily. In fact, probably half of my friends that I have blog links to actually beat me to updating. Kudos to you guys!

No, I've not been terribly busy as such, but I've been to town 7 times in 7 days, if that says anything. Tuesday I went to Chucktown to get copies of the DEN and hang out a little with Brandy.

Then Wednesday I spent the whole day with Kris. It was an interesting day, but a lot of fun. I plan on writing a story about it sometime. His car wouldn't start on two different occastions in the same day, if that tells you anything. And we were both running late getting to Charleston. Yeah I went to Chucktown two days in a row--it's all good!

Thursday, I went to work for 4 hours. Then I went to Lisa's house and watched Date Movie. There is a certain part of that movie that takes place in "A Restaurant" that cracked me up so much I thought I'd have to go outside or to another room or something. I mean, I was literally Rolling On The Floor laughing and was crying so hard I missed about 10 minutes of the movie. I still get cracked up thinking about it.

BTW, check out Derk's blog for Lisa news, ya'll!!!

Then Friday, I got my paycheck, and got cheated out of 1.5 hours on it--grr. Guess I'll have to say something sometime. Anyhow, then I went to Chucktown once again to shop for... Chrissy Pugh's baby that hasn't been born yet! I'm excited for her. I didn't even know she was expecting until I got an invitation in the mail for her baby shower.

And today I went looking around at my grandma's old stomping grounds and then went to Mattoon with Mom, Granny, Becky, and Vickie.

I have to take Mom to Bloomington tomorrow for a week-long class. Something to do with her job.

Speaking of jobs, Megan, I just read your blog--looking promising. Good luck with everything!

I had to hurry up and pick out a column and write it, proofread it, and send it tonight.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, and thanks for not going on and on about you know who.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks! Good to see you updating again! I was wondering where you were! lol