Saturday, July 01, 2006

Stinky and Sandy

Good morning all. I failed to announce that my buddy Megan got a new job! I'm excited for her, because I remember the last wonderful job we had together, and I imagine the one she has now is much better than that one.

But enough about that.

I heard from Kris again today--I was pretty excited to hear from him. His subject was "Czech me out" because he decided not to go to Spain, but instead to go to the Czech Republic. I remember when my uncle, Dean, went there and brought me back a couple of cool marionettes and a Czech coin.

Rach, I would like to run around and do something with you sometime, but it seems that we don't have many of the same interests. I'm sorry that I don't enjoy fairs or eevn really fireworks displays most of the time. I was thinking that sometime I'd like to go see a movie at the drive-in down at Newton, but I don't know--I'm kind of picky on my movies too. Plus the movies start so dang late and I've been getting up early. I'd also like to start walking on a regular basis and maybe chilling at the library too. I wanted to go with you and Sarah to Subway last night, but I was totally pooped and can't really afford to eat out anymore anyway. Mom is taking me to town this afternoon, so I probably won't be available to do anything today. I'll see about later though.

Okay everybody, I need to get going now because Mom will be getting here soon to pick me up. Take care everyone :)


theluckyone said...

hey some time at brandy's you should show me how to put a pic of my on there and sank you i will take care !!!!

valerie said...

heeey, i may have a new job too now!! if you and amanda take the gre's in champaign i could make sure you get to your right destination, hehehe.. (b/c that's where my job would be and where i would end up living)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting up with my ignorance at times. I am sorry about this morning-really am. Had a good time this afternoon and tonight though. Take care!

Sunshine_Jones said...

Okay, LuckyOne, I'll do my best.

Thanks, Val--I don't know about Amanda, but I need all the help I can get--don't wanna end up in Indy!

Oh Brandy, don't worry about it. Just try to do better next time.

Sunshine_Jones said...

P.S. Val, I hope you get your job--that's pretty exciting! :)

Anonymous said...

How can we go to Arby's if you can't afford to go out to eat? :P <3M