Friday, July 07, 2006

Happy Birthday, Ringo!

Okay friends and foes, today is Ringo Starr (A.K.A. Richard Starkey)'s 66th birthday. Incidentally, it is also Ronnie Greeson's 56th birthday! Happy birthday to both.

Kris is coming home today--we'll see what he has to say when he gets back to Tilton and away from all the people who were driving him nuts.

I'm supposed to check in at work this afternoon. I'm so lazy--I'd just as soon have the day off. Rachel has the day off--no fair. Just kidding. I always have the day off it seems.

I went to Casey with Sarah yesterday. I had to pick up some medicine for a cat at the vet's office and by a strange coincidence, Sarah was heading towards my house just as I was getting ready to leave. I asked her if she'd like to go back to Casey with me, and as she wasn't doing anything else, she consented.

So we got the meds and then headed to Subway for lunch--it was pretty good.

Later in the afternoon, I went to see Brandy because I sort of made plans to do something with her, but we never decided what we were going to do. I felt bad for putting her off so long, but oh well. So sometime after 3:00 I headed over to her house just to hang out and got severely pissed off when I saw that about a mile from her house, they had the road completely blocked, working on it. Okay I thought, I'll just go on the Mullen road and go past Eliza's house. So when I did that (which included a significant amount of backtracking) I went the wrong way and ended up at a dead end. By this point I was very pissed off and called Brandy, but I really didn't need to because I figured out the way I was trying to go on my own. Boy was I mad.

I stayed there until the early evening and she decided to come over. I'm not sure why, because I pretty much did my own thing and she did her own thing, but whatever, folks. Yeah I took 4 pix from my digital camera and fooled around with them and put poems that I have written on top of each of them and printed them out (all 4 on a page) of photo paper. It's pretty cool. Took me about all evening to get it all done though.

While at Brandy's though, I wrote my rough draft of my column. I'd like to finish it up and email it to Nora tonight.

I put the stuffed animals I got from Kris back on my bed last night too.

The man is confused. He feels that at his age he needs to get in a hurry to commit to somebody. He's never had a girlfriend before, so he needs to gain some dating experience. While I'd never had a real boyfriend before, and I also want to commit to someone sometime, I am 8 years younger than he and not so antsy to marry the first guy I date. I think Kris likes me right now, but he also respects how I feel and doesn't want to push me into anything I don't want to do.

But three months is hardly enough time to make that kind of decision. And plus, I only got to see him a handful of times this summer. I just don't know what to do. Hopefully when we meet each other again, things won't be weird though.

Anyway, happy birthday to my once-favorite Beatle, the guy who is so short he makes me feel good about myself, RINGO STARR!

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