Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Reflex

Well, today has been an AWESOME DAY. I can't really say I accomplished anything worth bragging about, but that's all right. Last night I completed a couple goals on my Tony Hawk game and I am now ONE GOAL AWAY from unlocking Rio. Oh well. I woke up this morning around 7:00 to the sound of my lovely birds chirping. I then played Tony Hawk for a couple hours, still accomplishing nothing. Finally I quit that crap. I got really mad that I only have to beat one more stinking goal to unlock the next level and I just can't do it right now. Grr.

Brandy came over after 11:00, despite the fact that she promised to be over between 10:30 and 11:00. Dependability, folks.

Anyhow, it wasn't a big deal at all because I was cleaning my room at the time. Once again, accomplishing next to nothing. I mean, I got several clothes off my floor and sorta changed my winter and summer clothes, but my room is still a FEMA disaster area.

I bored Brandy by spending most of the rest of the day reading my Fannie Flagg book.

Sorry Brandy.

I am really enjoying the book.

I got the idea that I wanted pizza tonight, so Mom offered to pay for it. All I had to do was call and pick it up. And Brandy even drove the getaway car. However, I made a fool of myself on the phone. I asked the guy (who is one of the managers or something) about the specials. He said they had one with 2 medium one-toppings for $10.99 or something along those lines. So what do I do? I order a veggie pizza first thing. Um, hello? Veggie pizza constitutes more than one topping. What a dipstick. Oh well. I hope they didn't make fun of me the way I always make fun of people...

So then I was busy being immature (luckily I have forgotten the details of exactly WHAT I was doing) when I heard a knock at the door. And saw it was Rachel. Rach wanted to see the parakeets, so she took some pictures of them and showed me some other pictures and then took some pictures of us and then showed Mom some pictures and really didn't stay too long. However, she did manage to leave some library book she just got today at my house. I'll try to return it back to her tomorrow.

Soft and Sweet and Easy to Eat...

So my guy had to get 2 root canals done today because he's addicted to Mountain Dew, Pepsi Freeze, and Kit Kat. And right before his trip to England. Hope he's doing okay. He also had some graduation party or something today. He invited me but I said I better not because I have to get up early in the morning to go to work. I'm sort of dreading going to work, but I doubt I'll work too long and I sort of need some money anyway, so it's all good. I probably should go and maybe read a little more and/or play some Tony Hawk before I go to bed.

By the way... am I the only person who reads plat books in the bathroom?

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Anonymous said...

Nah-you never really bored me-just like spending the time around ya-you are great.

Hey--being late was really mom's fault--I am very dependable.

Pizza was great-thanks for the idea.

The last question I am not for sure about-sorry.