Sunday, May 14, 2006

CAUTION: Brandy, You're Not Gonna Like This Post...

Okay everybody, first off, today is Kris and my 1 month anniversary! And I'm pretty sure we both forgot it. Eh, that's okay. Anyway, we had that little day-and-a-half hiatus a couple weeks ago. I'd rather not think about that though.

So, I've been a little busy lately and that's why I haven't updated in half a week. I'll try to recap the events of the latter part of last week to the best of my abilities...

After I updated Wednesday, I read some on a book while TW came to do BW's to do genealogy stuff. Then BW and I went to Mullen. I didn't do a Bible study, though. I just hung out in the basement with JY (who is in fact, a recovering basement-dweller). We had a good visit. Then BW took me back to my house and as I recall, she stayed the night and left in the morning. I worked for just under three hours Thursday morning. Thursday afternoon, I went over to BW's house and we got in a fight just to keep things interesting. I typed my column during part of the fight and after I finished the column, I threatened to go home. Well, wouldn't you know, LH called right as I was packing up stuff to go right back home, and talked me into staying.

L's house:

So around 5:00, we left BW's house to meet T and H at their house. We played with their kittens some and then headed to Effingham. T had it in his head that they had to play tennis even though it was so cold it was almost unholy to play tennis in that sort of weather. We went to 3 locations before we actually found one with open courts. I wasn't planning on playing tennis anyway. I just sat in D's car and wrote part of a new memoir. After that, we came back to D and L's house and watched some TV while L made some spaghetti, crescent rolls, roast, and salad fixin's. Then, of course, we ate it. It was very good. Thank you, LH!

Then we played cards.

I told Kris I would call him around 9:00, when my free minutes started, so we could make plans regarding going to karaoke over the weekend. But when nine o'clock rolled around, we were in the middle of a nasty little game of sevens that was getting very competitive. I didn't want to be rude or distracting, but I also didn't want to ditch Kris since I said I was going to call him. I finally called him around 9:20 or so because Lisa said it would be okay. We talked until it was time to leave L's house. And still never made any definite plans about karaoke.

Then I stayed all night with B again.

I called in to work at 11:40 Friday morning, only to be told absolutely nothing. I didn't know if I had to work or not, so I agreed to just stop by around 1:00. I had lunch with my grandma... well, actually I didn't end up eating it because I had a bipolar fit and completely lost my mind and got extremely depressed. I checked in with work at 1:15 and was told to come in Monday afternoon. Dad came home and we picked up B, so R wouldn't have to make a special trip to pick us both up for S's Lake Land graduation. I managed to break my door to my room. Dad fixed it though.

R picked B and me up at about 6:30. It would have been a little sooner, but wouldn't you know, old Sunshine had to go take a crap right as Rachel was pulling in the drive.

We decided to go out of the way and take the interstate to Lake Land.

So we went to E and then up to M. We barely made it to the graduation on time. Somewhere between G and Mo, RC passed some very smelly gas, and I was sitting up front with her. In order to save my life, I desperately grabbed two vent air fresheners and stuck one in each nostril. That was a close one. Somewhere between N and M, R got mad at some car and said, "That dingbat ripped me off!"

We were so late that we had to go to the Student Center and watch the graduation on a TV. It was actually better that way. Dr. Luther was just as annoying as always, but it made for great entertainment. Somebody's phone went off during the national anthem. I have much more to say about that experience, but I took some notes and plan to write a book about it. Or at least a short story.

Then we had this reception thing in the Backstage. I had 2 cups of punch and a cup of coffee with 8 sugar packets. I got really hyper, really fast. Chuck finished off a cookie I started eating and also polished off Brandy's punch. Thank you, Chuck. We also took a lot of pictures. Many stupid pictures of me were included in the lineup.

Finally, B, R, S, and I went to Taco Bell sometime after 11:00 because it was one of only a couple restaurants that were open at that time. But Taco Bell any time after 5:00 is a NO-NO for me. 'Nuff said about that one, folks.

R took me home and I got home around 1:00, getting to bed around 2:00.

I got up at 7:00 or so, and was distraught that Kris hadn't called or emailed me any about karaoke, so sometime around 9:00 I decided to give him a call, only to see I had a missed call from his mom's cell phone. So I called him back and he asked if we could go to a movie instead of karaoke. That was fine with me. We talked for a while. It was great to hear from him. I need to close for now, but I will try to get back on and write the second installment of my weekend: the movie with Kris and this year's Mother's Day.


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Well-most of it was worth something.

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I better be in that short story about graduation, Carissa Renee!

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