Sunday, January 31, 2010

When All Else Fails, Ramble about Tarantino Movies...

Okay, so I finally got around to watching both of the Kill Bill movies. I thought they were brilliant. And the other night I couldn't get the sound effect of Uma Thurman in swordfighting mode out of my head. Now I can't remember what it sounded like anymore. It's strange, but back when those movies were in theaters I remember thinking they sounded incredibly stupid. I thought they were slasher flicks.

Guess I was the stupid one.

Anyway, my first Tarantino movie was Pulp Fiction. Oddly enough, that is a movie I did want to see when it first came out. But I was a little young and I don't think my parents wanted me to be exposed to all those "adult" themes at such a young age. Sure, the reason I wanted to see it is because I enjoyed its spoof (Plot Friction) in Mad Magazine, but it's all good, right?

I thoroughly enjoyed Pulp Fiction last year when I finally rented it, and moved on to Inglourious Basterds which I saw in the theater on opening night. It was great too.

I should back up and say that technically my first experience with Quentin Tarantino was Reservoir Dogs, which I gave up on far too early, being unaccustomed to Tarantino movies and not really knowing what to expect. So I'll have to watch that one in its entirety before making any judgments about it.

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BJ Roan said...

Glad you've come over to the dark side. ;)