Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Deja Vu... Sorta

I feel like I'm in grad school again. And for some reason, it feels like that was eons ago. Anyway, the new faculty at the school are required to read not one, not two, but three academic essays to discuss (I guess) tomorrow at the meeting that I just became aware of yesterday. Then, of course, there is this capstone project that they mentioned before break that I totally forgot about until I dug out the essays (which I easily could have read over break had I not forgotten about this entire project) and saw that I had scribbled some sort of note to myself about a capstone project in April. I think this means we're supposed to do some sort of experiment with our teaching pedagogy or something. I guess I forget that not everybody took pedagogy classes like I did. Really, this should be a breeze, but I'm just seeing it as extra work.

Now one thing I must remind myself is that, although I feel slightly overwhelmed right now, I have significantly fewer students this semester than last. More I get to thinking about it though, I don't know that this necessarily means less work. After all, several of the students that are not showing up on my spring dual enrollment rosters didn't write papers in the fall, either.

Well, such is life. I should get off here and get back to reading/highlighting those essays. Then maybe I'll have a chance to put together some sort of a course outline this evening.


Lola Takes Pictures said...

Ugh. I feel bad for you teachers. There's always something to grade, read, plan, prepare, etc. You guys never seem to get a break!

Good luck in your meeting!

"Sunshine" said...

Aww, thank you :)