Thursday, January 07, 2010


Well, I got the old tripod out again today to take some snow pictures. Really I probably took about the same ones as last year, except that this time I tried using the self-timer thing so that I could be in them as well. Those weren't the greatest, but it was fun to experiment.

Other things on the agenda for today: make cheese spread (gotta love those comfort foods!) called Ultimate Grilled Cheese from Taste of Home magazine, make chocolate pudding (maybe with amaretto--we'll see how daring I'm feeling), work on the granny square afghan and try to finish The 42nd Parallel.

I'm trying to get various craft projects wrapped up before I have to go back to work. So far I've finished two: the latch hook rug for one grandma and the needlepoint heart project for the other.

I have a confirmation from one grandmother to go with me to karaoke, weather permitting, tomorrow if the place is having it. I haven't karaoked in a long time. Not sure how it will go or if we'll even go. I would also like to go to her house and work on the beading project she got me for Christmas. Just thought it would be nice to do that together before I have to go back, but if we don't end up having time, then maybe we can get together and work on it during my next break.

Really, I've managed to accomplish a fair amount of diversified things over this break. It has seemed far longer than it's really been. That's a change for me. Usually time flies right by me and it totally freaks me out. That's why I'm so fond of doing several things in one day. Somehow that gives the illusion of slowing down time. I know, it runs totally contrary to what they say about time flying when you're having fun, but try it sometime--diversify the things you do in a day and see if at the end of the day it doesn't seem as though you've lived through two or three days instead of just one. I first discovered this phenomenon more years ago than I really should be admitting. Probably... 10-15 years ago I'd guess? It's been too long for me to remember. Anyway, that day I went to town with some friends from church (something I rarely did) and actually had a really good time. Then, in the afternoon, I went to another friend's house. It seemed like two days, but it was really just one.

Anyway, I started packing for my trip back today. It's a little sad, but I've had a good long break (made even longer by diversification) and there's always spring break which will be coming up in probably a couple months or so. Then there's summer. I'd like to take another trip with my mother this summer. I'd really like to visit San Francisco.


BJ Roan said...

It sounds like you've had a fun break. I have the afternoon off. The Judge fired me for the rest of the day. ;) Anyway I feel like I should be doing something productive, but I'm not.

Marguerite said...

Maybe we could visit Lucie's old stomping grounds!